Comox Valley Sewer Service Liquid Waste Management Plan

Ensuring our sewer system meets the needs and goals of the community is a critical part of the Comox Valley Regional District’s (CVRD) services. To plan for the future, the CVRD has elected to use a Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) process to identify the improvements required for the sewer system in Courtenay and Comox and engage the public in the creation of a future vision for the sewer service in these communities.

Latest News

  • The Comox Valley Sewage Commission approved the Terms of Reference for the Technical Advisory Committee and the Public Advisory Committee at its meeting on June 12. These committees will provide input, perspective, specific expertise and recommendations to the Sewage Commission during the LWMP process. Read the news release for more information. 

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Let's Talk Poop: Our Goals for Sewer Service

What's important to you as decisions are made about future sewer infrastructure? Share your views and help shape the planning process for the sewer service in Comox and Courtenay. 

Join us from 5 pm to 7 pm for a facilitated session.

June 18 - at the lower level Native Sons Hall
June 19 - at the Comox Golf Course

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Participate in the Public Advisory Committee

The Public Advisory Committee (PAC) is an advisory group whose primary role is to represent community interests in the liquid waste management proces. This includes the people, areas and environments that are served and potentially impacted by sewer services in Courtenay and Comox.  

The Committee will:

  • Consider community goals as represented by major planning documents (OCPs, Sustainability Plans, etc).
  • Consider public opinion and feedback related to the LWMP on behalf of the Steering Committee.
  • Provide feedback on documents provided by the CVRD Project Staff and/or the Consultant.
  • Have the authority to provide input and recommendations to the Steering Committee on matters pertaining to the LWMP. 

The CVRD will seek and invite representation from key public, community, business, and stewardship stakeholders with interests in the future of sewer services in Courtenay and Comox. There will be six residents at large sought, including two from Comox, two from Courtenay, one from the Croteau Beach area and one from the Brent Road area. The total number of representatives will be at the discretion of the CVRD. View the Public Advisory Committee Terms of Reference for the full invitatation list.

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings will be expected to occur both on an ongoing basis (for example, monthly, quarterly or at key milestones) and as required to address pressing LWMP process issues that arise. It is expected that at least five to ten committee meetings will be held over the course of the LWMP process. PAC meetings will normally be held at the CVRD offices during business hours. The committee members will also be expected to participate in public consultation activities, which may include separate meetings, open houses or less formal gatherings. 

Think you might be a fit?

1. Review the committee's Terms of Reference for more information.

2. Send us a letter of intent describing why you would be a fit.

Have Questions?

For details about the liquid waste management planning process, click on the drop down menus below.

What is a Liquid Waste Management Plan?

The liquid waste management plan process is used by local governments in BC to develop strategies for managing sewer services. It includes the collection/review of existing information, development of options for future services, identification of a preferred option, completion of required studies and assessments and development of financial and implementation plans. The plan is ultimately submitted to the provincial government for review and consideration for approval.

Public engagement is key to the planning process. Public input will be collected online and through public events, which will be posted on this page. Residents of Courtenay and Comox are encouraged to weigh with feedback, to help the CVRD develop a plan that works best for the community.

What is the timeline?

As the CVRD staff get ready to start the management planning process, there's groundwork to be laid. This includes our first public consultations in June and recruiting for the public and technical advisory committees (details to come soon). Please visit Connect CVRD to see a detailed outline of the Liquid Waste Management Planning Process.

Is this related to the Comox No. 2 Pump Station Project?

In October 2017, the Comox No. 2 Pump Station project, as it was proposed on Beech Street, was put on hold to allow for further review of alternative options. Key feedback from the community was that the Comox No. 2 conversation should be part of a broader planning process that looked at sewer management regionally. The plans for rerouting the at-risk pipe along Balmoral Beach (Willemar Bluffs) will now be a part of this liquid waste management planning process.

Visit background material on the Comox No. 2 Pump Station project.

How Can I Get Involved?

We want your help to plan the future sewer service in the CVRD. There are two key ways to be involved, and lots of tools to use:

  1. Public Advisory Committee: The advisory committee, which is open for nominations now, will meet formally to review materials, work through proposed plans and ultimately recommend a route forward. Read the Terms of Reference to learn more.
  2. Public Comment/Engagement: The CVRD team will be actively engaging with the public for feedback at key steps in the planning process using tools such as facilitated feedback sessions, open houses and online consultation. Watch for more info to come.

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