Sports Centre Advertising

Advertising at the Comox Valley Sports Centre – on the rink boards, wall clock, Zamboni or even on the ice itself – is a great way to get your business in front of local sports enthusiasts.

Comox Valley Sports Centre Advertising Rates

Rates effective September 1- August 31 - Prices Per Month
Includes lexan where applicable
Arena #12021/20222022/20232023/20242024/2025
Large Rink Board Ad 3’ x 8’84.0086.5089.1091.80
Large Rink Board Ad 3’ x 16’
(Bulk rates will not apply)
Small Rink Board Ad 3’ x 4’74.9077.1579.4581.85
Zamboni Ad67.4269.4571.5573.70
Players Bench Ad - 12’ x 2’79.8582.2584.7087.25
Wall Ad Score Clock 3’ x 8’84.1286.6589.2591.90
Stair Face Ad 7.5" x 3'60.6062.4064.3066.20
On Ice Ad 25 sq/ft (prior to installation of ice)135.15139.20143.40147.70
 Arena # 22021/20222022/20232023/20242024/2025
Large Rink Board Ad 3’ x 8’73.6675.9078.1580.50
Small Rink Board Ad 3’ x 4’60.6062.4064.3066.22
Zamboni Ad67.2569.5571.6573.80
On Ice Ad 25sq/ft101.33104.40107.50110.75
Score Clock Wall Ad 3’ x 8’67.5269.5571.6573.80
Side Wall Ad45.0046.3547.7549.20
Sports Centre Pool Area - Banners50.6652.2053.7555.35
Aquatic Centre Pool Area - Banners135.15139.20143.40147.70
CVRD Youth Sport user groups receive first opportunity to sell the advertising below until August 1st each year.  If the space is not sold the advertising sales will revert back to the regional district for the remainder of the season.  
Youth Sport User Groups Sale Prices 2021/20222022/20232023/20242024/2025
Arena #1    
Large Rink Board Ad 3’ x 8’51.5551.9053.4555.10
Large Rink Board Ad 3’ x 16’ (Bulk rates will not apply) 83.9086.4589.00
Small Rink Board Ad 3’ x 4’ 46.3047.7049.10
Players Bench Ad - 12’ x 2’ 49.355.8052.35
Stair Face Ad 7.5” x 3’ 37.4538.6039.70
Arena # 2    
Large Rink Board Ad 3’ x 8’ 45.5546.9048.30
Small Rink Board Ad 3’ x 4’ 37.4538.6039.75
Side Wall Ad 27.8028..6529.50
Sports Centre Pool Area – Banners 31.3032.2533.20
Aquatic Centre Pool Area – Banners 83.5086.0588.60

Booking Your Ad

To reserve your spot, or for further information contact us. For more detailed rate information, refer to the Fees & Charges Bylaw – Comox Valley Recreation Complexes.