Denman Island Bulk Water Supply Options

Change in Bulk Water Supply for Denman Island 

The Graham Lake Water Service is located on Denman Island and provides water in bulk to the Denman Island Water Local Service Area (DIWLSA). Previously, GLID provided water haulers with the option to purchase water in bulk from their system via a standpipe located within GLID.

The option for haulers and local residents to receive water via the GLID standpipe is no longer available and no alternative on island solution is available due to a number of factors including liability concerns, operational factors, and bulk water rates.

The GLID system faces a number of operational challenges when a water hauler connects to the system to fill their trucks, this is primarily due to the large quantity of water (e.g. 1,000 US gallons) that the hauler is taking at one time from a relatively small system. To minimize the operational impacts on the water treatment system from the filling of water haulers trucks, GLID advised the CVRD that bulk water filling could only be conducted during periods of low demand – either between midnight and 6:00 am or on a single day of the week.  While these filling periods address the operational concerns related to the water treatment system, the limited period available for filling (under either option) would only address approximately 50% of the estimated demand for bulk water during the summer months.

GLID’s rate for bulk water was established in a bylaw approved by GLID Trustees in 2017. The CVRD explored options to provide bulk water to licensed haulers on Denman Island on a trial basis for summer 2019. However they would be required to levy a charge to those receiving bulk water in order to recover the costs associated with this trial. The combination of the GLID and CVRD charges for an on island bulk water solution become comparable to the cost of receiving water from an off island source.

As an on-island solution for supply of bulk water is no longer available, any residents on Denman Island that have previously received water via a Denman Island bulk water hauler will be impacted by these changes. The information session is planned to provide background and possible options moving forward for bulk water supply for Denman Island residents.

If you are unable to attend the information session but would like to learn more, please email

Vancouver Island Water Haulers Willing to Haul to Denman Island

The following water haulers are located within the Comox Valley and can be contacted to coordinate a delivery to Denman Island. Please contact for further details, costs etc.

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Courtenay Water Services Ltd. 250-792-4292
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