Water Systems

The Comox Valley Regional District manages five different water services in the region.

Comox Valley Water System

The Comox Valley Water System serves approximately 45,000 people. Water from Comox Lake is currently drawn from the Puntledge River, and flows through a network of reservoirs, pumping stations and transmission mains or pipes. The CVRD supplies bulk water to distribution systems operated by the City of Courtenay and Town of Comox as well as the Comox Valley Water Local Service Area.

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Other Water Systems

In addition to the Comox Valley Water System, the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) operates four other water systems within the Comox Valley.

Black Creek - Oyster Bay Water Local Service Area

About the BCOB Water System

The BCOB Water Local Service Area is owned and operated by the CVRD. It consists of two groundwater wells, one river infiltration gallery, two reservoirs, one pump station and a treatment facility that provides water to approximately 2,200 area residents.

The CVRD has been working to assess the capacity of existing infrastructure and identify necessary capital improvements. The CVRD is also investigating alternative water sources in the hopes of improving the capacity of the system.

Water Facilities

  • Reservoirs:  Macaulay Road and Kelland Road reservoirs
  • Pump Stations:  Black Creek pump station supplies water to fill the Kelland Road reservoir
  • Treatment Facility:  Utilizes chlorine and ultraviolet light and is located near the source in Oyster River Nature Park

Map of Black Creek – Oyster Bay Water Local Service Area


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Royston Water Local Service Area

The Comox Valley Regional District manages the Royston Water Local Service Area, which provides water to approximately 2,000 residents and is connected to the Village of Cumberland’s water distribution system. Water in the system is sourced from five lakes located in the Cumberland Creek and Perseverance Creek sub-watersheds, as well as a ground source at Coal Creek Historic Park.

Water Facilities

  • Reservoirs: Royston and Herondale
  • Six Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) chambers
  • Disinfection facility

Map of Royston Water Local Service Area

Denman Island Water Local Service Area

The Denman Island Water Local Service Area is sourced from Graham Lake and provides water access to residents and businesses on Denman Island. The Denman Island water system consists of two wells, a small reservoir, a booster pump and a watermain.

Map of Denman Island Water Local Service Area

Union Bay Water Local Service Area

The Union Bay Water Local Service Area provides water to approximately 690 properties in the community. Water in the system is drawn from Langley Lake via a two-kilometer transmission line and treated at a multi-barrier water filtration plant. 

Maintenance Advisories

Check for current maintenance advisories to water systems in your area. To report an issue with watermain flushing, or for more information about any of these systems, call 250-334-6006 or contact us.