Sewer System Conveyance Project Loan Authorization

Sewer System Convenyance Project Loan Authorization

Between June 3 and July 5, 2021 an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) was held to seek elector approval of a loan authorization bylaw to borrow up to $52 million to replace and upgrade the pipes and related pump stations that convey wastewater from Courtenay, the K’ómoks First Nation, and Comox to the Comox Valley Water Pollution Control Centre.


The Comox Valley Sewerage Service treats raw sewage (wastewater) from homes and businesses in Courtenay, Comox and K’ómoks First Nation. The Sewer System Conveyance Project proposes to replace and upgrade the pipes and pump stations that move wastewater to the sewage treatment plant.  These improvements will address the environmental risks of the current pipeline location within the foreshore of the Comox estuary and the intertidal zone along the Willemar Bluffs.  

The total cost of the project is estimated at $73 million with a maximum of $52 million of that amount being proposed from borrowing. Bylaw No. 647 being “Sewer System Conveyance Project Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 647, 2021” would authorize the CVRD to borrow up to $52 million to be paid back over a maximum of 30 years by Comox Valley Sewerage System at an average cost of approximately $150 per household. 



Number of Eligible Electors 10% Threshold (Eligible Elector) Elector Response Forms Accepted Percent of Elector Response Forms
30,736 3,074 17 0.06%

In order for the CVRD to proceed with the final adoption of Bylaw No. 647, less than 10 per cent of the electors in the service area would have had to submit an elector response form. The results of the AAP were confirmed in the July 8, 2021 news release. 

On July 13, 2021 the CVRD Board of Directors adopted Bylaw No. 647.