The McLoughlin Family Story

The Brian and Sarah McLoughlin Story

The Foxglove Life Estate, established by Brian and Sarah McLoughlin, protects approximately four hectares (11 acres) of older second-growth forest and sensitive ocean foreshore in the Comox Valley.

This property was donated to the CVRD as an ecological gift with the reservation of a life interest in favor of the donors, Brian and Sarah McLoughlin. The life estate allows the donors free and unfettered use of the land and existing improvements for as long as either shall live.  A registered covenant (held jointly by the Comox Valley Land Trust and The Land Conservancy) restricts the use of the property to public park use and includes provisions to maintain the site in its natural condition in perpetuity. The covenant on the property allows for maintenance of the gardens surrounding the residence. The balance of the property is to remain in its natural state, a mature second-growth fir forest.  Learn more about the park. 

When the Foxglove Life Estate was established, the gift qualified for Environment Canada’s Ecological Gift Program, which recognized the land as ecologically sensitive and enabled the donors to realize significant tax savings.

The terms of the life estate have been completed and the property is now open to the public for their enjoyment. The cabin hosts an artist in residence program administered by the McLouglin Garden Society providing long lasting partnerships with local organizations interested in arts. 

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