Alternative Approval Process (AAP)

Under provincial legislation, local governments can use an alternative approval process as a method to directly engage citizens about certain bylaws or other initiatives requiring elector approval.  The AAP is an alternative to a referendum, which is more expensive to taxpayers.

2021 Unified Alternative Approval Process

Details concerning each of the initiatives being considered as part of the 2021 Unified Alternative Approval Process are provided below.  An interactive service area map for all 7 initiatives has been developed to assist residents with confirming their eligibility.           

Under the AAP, the CVRD advertises its proposed action in the local newspaper and provides 30 days for voters to complete and submit an elector response form indicating their opposition to the proposal.  If less than 10 per cent of eligible electors register their opposition, the board may choose to proceed with the proposal.  If 10 per cent or more of the eligible electors oppose the proposal in the time period provided, the Regional District must obtain the assent of the electors by referendum before it can proceed.


Local Government Elections

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) regularly conducts elections, alternative approval processes (AAPs) and other referenda.

Local governments in BC conduct elections for mayors, councillors and electoral area directors. General local elections in B.C. are held every four years on the third Saturday in October. The next general local elections will be held on October 15, 2022.

The CVRD is a federation of three electoral areas and three municipalities.  As part of the General Local Election system in British Columbia, electoral area directors may be elected by acclamation (in the case of a single qualified candidate) or by voting (where there is more than one qualified candidate). Each municipal director on the CVRD Board of Directors is appointed by his or her respective council.

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Assent Voting

The Comox Valley Regional District also occasionally conducts public assent processes such as referendums, alternative approval processes (AAP) and petitions for various initiatives, including new services and borrowing funds for capital projects.  For these and other specific matters, local governments are required to obtain elector approval before the project or service can proceed. Voting processes of this kind may be held at any time and may be restricted to a particular geographical area of the CVRD.


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