Sewer Extension South Project

Bringing critical wastewater management services to Royston and Union Bay

Updated information about this project will be available via online and in person open houses on January 25, 29 and 31. 


The proposed Sewer Extension South Project will move wastewater from homes and businesses in Union Bay and Royston through a new sewer pipe where it will connect to the Comox Valley Sewer Service, creating a regional approach for the treatment of wastewater. This new regional system will also serve Union Bay Estates and K’ómoks First Nation Treaty Settlement Lands, for which development and economic growth will be an important part of reconciliation.

Information about this project is now housed on our engagement portal. Click the link button below to read more about the project and search an interactive map to find out if your property is included in the proposed project boundary.

Sewer Extension South Project | Engage Comox Valley

Public Advisory Committee

In June 2022, it was agreed that planning for this project should be rolled into the Comox Valley Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) to be submitted to the province as an addendum in early 2024.

A public advisory committee was formed in September 2022 to review this process.  They will be considering information from technical experts and the project team, providing feedback and guidance.  Recordings of these meetings can be viewed on our YouTube channel.