Denman Island Parks & Greenways Master Plan

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is responsible for the planning, acquisition and development of community parks on Denman Island. To ensure community parks meet the needs of Denman Island residents, the CVRD initiated a planning process in 2010, soliciting input from residents on a long-term vision and priorities for new parks and greenways on Denman Island.

This input helped shape the creation of the Denman Island Parks and Greenways Master Plan.

View the View the Denman Island Parks and Greenways Master Plan

Denman Island Parks and Greenway Priorities

Based on the public consultations, most Denman Islanders wanted to see the CVRD focus its efforts on recreational greenways, with the highest priority accorded to a ferry-to-ferry multi-use trail. The following priorities were developed through the public consultation process for the Denman Island Parks and Greenways Master Plan.

  1.  A cross-island ferry-to-ferry multi-use trail or recreational greenway
  2.  A north-south multi-use trail/recreational greenway
  3.  Connections between existing public trails and recreational greenways
  4.  Proposed trails to the waterfront or viewpoints off high-bank waterfront road ends within undeveloped road rights-of-way
  5.  A public washroom at Graham Lake
  6.  Improved public access to nature parks and reserves
  7.  Wildlife and biodiversity corridors or ecological greenways
  8.  A parks and trails map
  9.  Appropriate signage

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