Saratoga Miracle Beach

Saratoga-Miracle Beach is a rural-residential community uniquely located between the Strait of Georgia, the Oyster River and Black Creek. Proximity to the natural environment has lead to the area becoming a tourist destination for visitors from Vancouver Island and beyond.

In summer months, it experiences a doubling of population and an influx of day visitors. Over the last 20 years, failing septic systems have impacted the local environment and limited the possibility for residential and tourist development. Due to its isolation from large municipalities the community is unable to join existing sewage infrastructure to deal with this problem.

In 2001 a liquid waste management planning process was initiated to provide direction in managing wastewater in the community for the near and long term. On February 4, 2006 residents and landowners in Saratoga-Miracle Beach voted via referendum against establishing a wastewater service for the area.

Refer to the information below, or contact regional district staff in order to become informed on the issues associated with this important community project.