SkyRocket Compost Now Available

at:    Comox Valley Waste Management Centre
        3699 Bevan Road, Cumberland, BC

SkyRocket compost is a high-nitrogen soil amendment, made of wood chips mixed with biosolids and cured over time to create nutrient-rich mulch. Biosolids are derived from the wastewater treatment process—they are the solid waste particles remaining once wastewater has been treated. Biosolids contain macronutrients and organic matter that can replenish soil and help it to retain moisture.

Usage Guidelines

SkyRocket is ideal for use in large-scale landscaping and planting projects and can also be used for residential landscaping, orchards, flower gardens and lawns.

Due to the nutrient levels of this product, SkyRocket should be used as a soil conditioner or supplement, rather than as a topsoil or fertilizer. It can be applied annually or as recommended by soil analysis. As when using any manure product, hands should be washed immediately after applying or handling the product.

Quality & Regulation

Prior to going out to market, and again throughout the season, SkyRocket is tested to ensure it meets or exceeds the regulations for a Class A compost, which is the highest of the three levels that regulate organic matter recycling. SkyRocket is screened to remove excess wood waste and is tested for pathogens, nutrient value, moisture, pH and metals content. Micro-bacteriological testing is also performed for coliform bacteria, as well as testing for metals (lead, mercury, chromium, copper, etc.). 

SkyRocket is regulated by the Provincial Government's Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR) and it meets the requirement under the Fertilizers Act administered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

SkyRocket Analysis

Maximum Moisture: <60%
Total Organic Matter: >30%
pH level: 7.4

SubstanceClass A CompostBiosolid Growing MediumClass B Biosolids Compost