The Comox Lake Watershed

The Comox Lake watershed is a beautiful and complex system of mountains, lakes, rivers, and creeks. Like all watersheds, all of the water within this area ends up in the same place -- Comox Lake.

Large watersheds, such as the Comox Lake watershed, are made up of a series of smaller watersheds or “sub-watersheds”. The Cruikshank watershed, Perseverance Creek watershed, Upper Puntledge River watershed, Beech Creek watershed and Pearce Creek watershed are examples of sub-watersheds in the larger Comox Lake watershed.

The Comox Lake watershed has many functions. The watershed provides critical habitat for fish and wildlife. It also supplies drinking water to over 45,000 people in Comox and Courtenay via the Comox Lake water system and to 3,700 people in Cumberland from the Cumberland Creek and Perseverance Creek sub-watersheds.  A large portion of the watershed is privately owned and managed for timber supply.  And, Comox Lake itself is a reservoir controlled by BC Hydro for power generation.

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is protecting our watershed for future generations.

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Connected by Water

Connected by Water is a community engagement project to build capacity, connection, and community in support of watershed protection and water conservation in the Comox Valley. 

There are four phases of the Connected by Water project, inspired by the water cycle and laid out in the project vision: inputs, capacity building, action, and legacy.  Through building understanding of how we as a community are connected by water, the ultimate goal of the project is collaborative effort to ensure the health and long term viability of our communities through using drinking water wisely and protecting the source of our drinking water, the Comox Lake watershed. Connected by Water is currently in the capacity building phase, and we are creating tools and resources to share information about watershed protection and water conservation.

To learn about how you can help protect the Comox Lake watershed and to explore additional watershed education opportunities in our community, visit the community watershed education page.

For more information on engaging students on watershed protection education, see our curriculum-linked resources for educators.

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