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Within the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD), there is a mandatory water metering program for all residences and business within the local water service areas. This water metering system helps the CVRD to keep better track of water consumption, detect water loss more quickly and encourage more efficient use of water.  

Water metering also supports more equitable charges for water service, since meters allow customers to pay for what they actually use. In addition to these cost saving benefits, reducing water consumption also helps ensure that sufficient water is available for ecosystem processes and will enable the CVRD to better adapt to potential climate change impacts.  Evidence of water conservation efforts, including water metering, is also in line with provincial eligibility requirements for water infrastructure grant funding.

Water Bylaws

A number of water bylaws are in place to fix and regulate the fees, charges, terms and conditions under which water may be supplied and used in the various Comox Valley water service areas. To access these water bylaws, click here.

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Water Rates
Comox Valley, Arden, Marsden/Camco, Greaves Crescent, England Road

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ResidentialMonthly Rates
 Effective April 1, 2019Effective April 1, 2020
Minimum charge up to 15 m3$25.30$27.58
Over 15 m3 to 45 m3$0.80 per m3$0.87 per m3
Over 45 m3$0.98 per m3$1.05 per m3
Multi-Family / Commercial  
Minimum charge up to 15 m3 per unit$22.57 per unit$24.60 per unit
Over 15 m3$0.96 per m3$1.07 per m3


Black Creek/Oyster Bay Water Service Area

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ResidentialMonthly Rate
Minimum charge up to 15 m3$24.02
Over 15 m3 to 45 m3$1.44 per m3
Over 45 m3$2.16 per m3
Commercial / IndustrialMonthly Rate
Minimum charge up to 15 m3$37.42
Over 15 m3$1.87 per m3


Denman Island Water Service Area

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ResidentialAnnual Rate
Flat Fee (No Water Use)$500.00
Annual Water Use Charge$900.00


Royston Water Service Area

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ResidentialMonthly Rate
Basic fee$27.03
0 to 25 m3$0.90 per m3
Over 25 m3 to 50 m3$1.12 per m3
Over 50 m3$1.35 per m3


Union Bay Water Service Area

Residential Rates

Base RateUp to 20m3$108 - Bi - Monthly
Excess Rate 121m3 - 50m3$1.40/m3
Excess Rate 251m3 - 75m3$1.90/m3
Excess Rate 376m3 - 100m3$2.50/m3
Excess Rate Over 3101m3 +$3.75/m3

Commercial Rates

Base Rate - no water$108 -Bi - Monthly
Water Usage Rate$1.60/m3