The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD)

The CVRD is a federation of 3 electoral areas and 3 municipalities.

Electoral Areas:
  1. 1
    Pop. 4,447*
  2. 2
    Pop. 28,420*
  3. 3
    Pop. 14,806*
The CVRD works hard to make it easy to do business and open to opportunity.
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Initiatives & Programs

The regional district has a wide range of active initiatives and programs that improve quality of life in the Comox Valley. 

Royston Seaside Trail pier

The proposed Sewer Extension South Project will move wastewater from homes and businesses in Union Bay and Royston through a new sewer pipe where it will connect to the Comox Valley Sewer Service, creating a regional approach for the treatment of wastewater. 

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Comox Valley Sewer Conveyance Project

The Comox Valley Sewer Conveyance Project is a multi-year construction project that will replace the pipes and upgrade the pump stations that move more than 14,000 cubic metres of raw sewage each day to the sewage treatment plant on Brent Road.

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CVRD office

Each year the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) provides a variety of granting opportunities to non-profit and charitable organizations within the community. 

Grants & Rebates
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