Water Conservation Rebates

Program Background

The CVRD's Water Efficiency Plan identified a significant increase in water use during summer months. This increase is primarily driven by outdoor water consumption. The goal of these rebate programs is to reduce summertime peak water demand by improving irrigation efficiency and soil water retention.

Properties connected to the Comox Valley Water System, which includes most homes within the City of Courtenay, Town of Comox and CVRD Water Local Service Area are eligible to apply for one Soil Amendment Rebate  and one Smart Control Irrigation Rebate.

Please note:
This program is funded only by properties connected to the Comox Valley Water System. The following DO NOT QUALIFY:

  • Village of Cumberland, Union Bay and Royston
  • Black Creek-Oyster Bay Water Service Area
  • Properties services by private wells or utilities
  • Improvement Districts (e.g. Ships Point)

A limited number of rebates are available. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis while funding lasts.