Denman Cross Island Trail

Project Updates

The newest section of the Denman Cross-Island Trail, the Kirk Road Stairs and Trail, is now complete and open.  The stairs provide another beach access option on the west side of the Island and provide safe passage for pedestrians to the Denman West Ferry Terminal.  Cyclists heading to and from the Denman West Ferry Terminal will still need to use Denman Road to join up with the existing section of the trail beginning in front of the Denman Arts Centre

Thanks to all who visited the CVRD booth at the farmer’s market and provided your input on Saturday, September 28, 2019. For those who couldn't attend, view the 2019 presentation boards as well as the 2018 presentation boards.


Planning for the Denman Cross-Island Trail began in earnest in 2011. The first phase of the planning process involved discussions between the CVRD and the Denman Island Residents Association. These discussions, which occurred during 2011 and 2012, focused on high level route planning; determining the feasibility of constructing a ferry-to-ferry trail; and formulating a general trail alignment to present to the community for feedback. In 2013 a public open house was held to gather community input on the project. A second open house was held in 2014 to generate feedback on trail design.

To date, approximately 5 kilometres of trail has been constructed consisting of a mix of forested and open trail. The long term goal is to have a continuous trail from the Denman West ferry terminal to the Gravelly Bay ferry terminal.

In 2017, the most recent section of the trail was completed. This section runs from Swan Road to Corrigal Road along Denman Road and East Road and creates a safe multi-use path away from the East Road corner. With this new section of trail, the trail is now complete from the Village centre to Corrigal Road, aside from the steep Denman Road hill section. Users will find that the newest section of trail uses a finer surfacing material which creates a smoother surface for cyclists, pedestrians and horses.

Next Steps

Following the feedback gathered from the September 2018 public survey, the CVRD used the survey results to plan and prioritize next steps for the Cross-Island Trail project.  The 2019 open house functioned to inform Denman residents of upcoming surveying and construction for the next segments of the Cross-Island Trail as well as to bring attention to other recently completed projects on Denman Island by the CVRD. Results from the 2018 public consultation initiatives are available for review:

Denman Cross Island Trail Survey Results

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