The many forested trails of the Comox Valley are perfect for dog walking.  At Nymph Falls, Wildwood Forest and a large portion of Seal Bay leashing of pets is optional provided they are kept under control. From March 1 until May 20, dogs should be leashed  at Goose Spit Park due to Brant geese migration.

Leashing-Mandatory Regional District Parks

Leashing-Optional Parks

What does 'Leashing Optional' mean?

In leashing optional park areas, dogs may walk off-leash as long as they are kept under control and:

  • are on a travelled surface or trail and within 10 m (30 feet) of the person who has care and control of it
  • are responsive and immediately return when called
  • are not molesting, harassing or attacking any person or animal
  • are licenced


Enforcement is by regular patrols by CVRD staff, security, park stewards and animal control officers. Patrols are more frequent during nesting and fawn season. SPCA is no longer involved with enforcement patrols. If you have an animal control complaint, please call 250-218-2365 or .

A dangerous dog is defined as a dog that has killed or injured a person or a domestic animal. This also includes any dog which, when unprovoked, attacks, chases or approaches in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack. Dangerous dogs must be leashed and muzzled, and must be under the effective control of a person 16 years of age or older.

For more information, call 250-334-6000 or email.