Policies and Legislation Regarding CVRD Procurement

There are several important details on policy and legislation governing the procurement process at the CVRD. The CVRD Procurement Policy can be found here. All current or prospective vendors are encouraged to review this policy prior to submitting responses to CVRD procurement opportunities.

Vendors are not to communicate with members of the CVRD Board, staff or other representatives about a procurement. All contact should be through the CVRD employee who is named as the contact person in the procurement document. You must not contact any other CVRD staff, officials or representatives about a procurement. 

Understand the Procurement Process


What is Procurement?

Procurement is the act of acquiring and sourcing goods and services through various processes and other strategic activities.  The CVRD procures most of its goods and services through open, fair and transparent competitive processes to ensure the best possible value for the taxpayers of the CVRD.

What is a Request for Quotation call document?

A Request for Quotation (RFQ) is issued by the CVRD for low value goods or services. Often the good or service can be accurately detailed in the RFQ.

What is a Request for Proposal call document?

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued by the CVRD when a procurement need is identified, but how it will be achieved is unknown at the outset. An RFP allows suppliers to propose solutions or delivery methods to arrive at the desired result.

What is a Tender document?

A Tender document is a request for bids for the purchase of construction, supplies and/or services. These call documents are usually of high dollar value and include a highly detailed specification or statement of requirements.

Search for Opportunities

Browse available CVRD contracts using the CVRD website and BC Bid for an up to date list of Request for Proposals (RFPs), Request for Quotations (RFQs), Request for Expression of Interest (REOI), and Tenders.

For an annual fee of $100 payable to BC Bid, you can create your own custom commodity profile and receive matching notices automatically by e-mail.

Follow Up on CVRD Contracts

Track your bid to completion and provide valuable feedback to help the CVRD improve your experience.  The CVRD currently posts contract awards to the CVRD website.

Winning Bidders

If you are the successful vendor of a CVRD procurement, the CVRD will contact you via email.

Unsuccessful Bidders

If you fail to be successful on a CVRD procurement you will be notified by the CVRD and offered an opportunity for a debrief of your submission.

Contractor Performance

The CVRD activity monitors the performance of its contractors.  Where performance is deemed to not be to the standard of the CVRD, vendors will be notified and expected to address and respond to the CVRD with their plan to meet these expectations.  Contractors failing to be responsive of, or consistently failing to meet the standards specified by the CVRD may have their contract terminated and could be disqualified from future business at the CVRD for a period of five years.

Feedback and Questions

We want to hear from you regarding your experience with the CVRD procurement process. You can e-mail your comments to Procurement.