Building Inspection

For Building Inspection Requests Please call: 250-334-6006 or email to book an inspection.

Building Inspections are conducted mornings only. Requests for inspections must be made prior to 1:00 pm for an inspection the next business day and are subject to availability.

When to call for an inspection:

  • Footings - Prior to pouring concrete
  • Dampproofing /Draintile/ Roof drainage rough in 
  • Radon rough in, Ground seal, Insulation under slab
  • Sheathing - Prior to cover
  • Framing - Once all subtrades are complete (plumbing, electrical, HVC, etc.) and building is water tight; Windows, doors and roof installed, building wrapped.
  • Fireplace/Wood stove/Chimney – WETT inspection report required  
  • Water service pipe/Building sewer
  • Plumbing rough in under slab
  • Plumbing rough in – Water line under test and Waste under head pressure
  • Shower pan test
  • Back flow preventer
  • Occupancy/Final – All required documents submitted and life safety issues addressed for occupancy

What is required at time of inspection:


The following documents may be required to complete your project (if applicable):

  • BCLS Site Survey/Siting setbacks/Flood Construction Level/Confirmation of Height (must be digitally signed by BCLS to be valid) 
  • Spray Foam Daily Work Record/Specifications/Technician Certification 
  • BC Energy Compliance Report Pre-construction, mid-construction and as built completed by a Registered Energy Advisor
  • Each field review issued by an engineer 
  • Schedule C-B from each engineer 
  • WETT Inspection report for wood burning appliance installation 
  • Woodstove manufacturer specifications
  • Mechanical Ventilation Checklist 
  • Gas Permit 
  • Electrical Final stating permit closed or all work is completed
  • Sewerage Letter of Certification for septic systems

Documents should be submitted as soon as you receive them and prior to requesting a final inspection. If other documents are required, the building inspector will request them. 

Documents submitted should be PDF format (not images) and should only be submitted via email.

  • Please do not send your documents to the building inspector unless specifically requested by the inspector. 
  • Please include the permit number and civic address in your email. 

The building official will email a copy of the inspection results after the inspection is completed. 
If you have questions about your permit, call 250-334-6006 or email.