Comox Valley Agricultural Plan

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan

The Comox Valley Agricultural Plan (CVAP) has been helping inform the Comox Valley Regional District and stakeholders on agriculture since 2001. Over the last 20 years many of the CVAP recommendations were implemented or advanced. However, several recommendations have become out-dated. Over the course of 2022-2023, the CVAP is being updated and modernized. This new, second generation CVAP is intended to build upon the old plan and to inform, guide and provide a framework for regional planning, decision-making and the CVRD’s administration of agricultural issues including regionally appropriate recommendations that anticipate future changes for the CVRD and partner agencies to pursue into the future. Through a community-based and forward-thinking approach culminating in a new CVAP, it is the hope and intention that long-term resiliency and sustainability of the regional agricultural and food sector and the greater food system is strengthened allowing it to grow, flourish and prosper into the future.

Background Report

An agriculture plan’s background report provides the foundational knowledge about the agricultural sector and biophysical characteristics of the area to help inform the development of the plan. In preparation of this update and modernization, a new updated background report has been prepared:

Background Report (2022)

Future Engagement

Consultation is on-going throughout the Winter and Spring. The primary form of engagement is through discussions or interviews with the Project Contacts listed below, through written submissions (to from individuals or organization. In addition, a survey will be published this winter and an open house hosted in April 2023.

CVAP (2000-2022)

The Comox Valley’s original agricultural plan was drafted in 2000 and adopted in 2001. Its stated vision was that “Agriculture in the Comox Valley will be a growing sector of the local economy, with a mix of small, medium and large scale enterprises, focused on regional and local markets. The Valley’s farms will provide a diversity of quality agricultural products. Farmers will be recognized for their wise stewardship of land and water resources and the Valley’s agricultural industry will be recognized for the important role it plays in the community.” To that end and with the intended purpose of “furthering the development of socially, culturally, environmentally and economically sustainable farming”, the plan recommended various actions that could be taken under six major theme areas:

  • Water Management
  • Land Management
  • Agricultural / Environmental Stewardship
  • Agricultural Opportunities
  • Food Security, Market Development, Safety, Quality and Security
  • Agricultural Awareness

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan (2002) Background Report (2002) Issues and Opportunities (2002)

Project Contact

Contact Agricultural Coordinator Niki Whittaker or Senior Planner Jodi MacLean, Planning and Development Services online or call 250-334-6000.

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan - Map 1 - Study Area

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan - Map 2 - ALR in the Comox Valley

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan - Map 3A - Agricultural Capability Improved in the Study Area

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan - Map 3B - Agricultural Capability Unimproved in the Study Area

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan - Map 4 - ESA in the Study Area

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan - Map 5 - Underground Sources in Agricultural Areas

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan - Map 6 - Existing Farm Uses

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan - Map 7 - Soil Moisture and Excess Moisture

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan - Phase 1 - Report 1 - History and Resources

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan - Phase 1 - Report 2 - Issues and Opportunities

Comox Valley Agricultural Plan - Phase 2 - Comox Valley Agricultural Plan