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Comox Valley Emergency Plan

To further assist members of the public with becoming better prepared, the regional emergency management program is making available the Comox Valley Regional Emergency Program Public Plan. The purpose of this plan is to outline the structure and organization required to effectively coordinate response and recovery to emergencies within the Comox Valley.

This plan does not provide operational guidelines for emergencies which are coordinated at the site by first responder agencies or internal to the emergency operations centre. It does provide important information pertaining to the Emergency Program Act requirements for local governments, regional hazards, risks and vulnerabilities, and how preparedness is a ‘shared responsibility’ for us all.

If you have any questions, feel free to submit an online form.

Denman Island & Hornby Island Evacuation Guidelines

These guidelines have been tailored to reflect the needs and challenges of each island and are designed for the evacuation of persons exposed to a range of hazards. They are based on the BC Emergency Management System (BCEMS) and provide information and guidance to Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) personnel, first responders, and key stakeholders on the planning and implementation of the evacuation process.

The information and feedback provided by local response agencies and other stakeholders were key to its development.

The CVRD hosted Denman and Hornby Island Virtual Information Sessions to review new evacuation guidelines specific to their communities.

Denman Island Presentation

Hornby Island Presentation

Oyster River Evacuation Guidelines

This document has been created through the collaboration of the Strathcona Emergency Program (SEP) and Comox Valley Emergency Program (CVEP) as guidelines to support responses requiring evacuations in the community area of Oyster River. To provide simplicity in addressing potential evacuation incidents, the guidelines have utilized two levels of response; Level 2 and Level 3. Through this approach, it is felt that the effectiveness for both the SEP and CVEP and their site responders will be enhanced in supporting the Oyster River community during an evacuation.

Emergency Management BC - Evacuation Operational Guide

This quick reference guide provides a simplified reference tool for Emergency Operations Centres or designated community contacts to follow when issuing an Evacuaiton Alert, Order or Rescind/Lift.