Puntledge River Water Main Repair

Emergency Repairs Complete on the Water Main Leak

From April 12 to April 22, 2019, leak repairs were completed for one of the primary and largest water transmission pipes for the Comox Valley Water System. During the repairs, the majority of the water system relied solely on a smaller secondary line. Due to the limited capacity of the secondary pipe, users of the system were put under mandatory Stage 4 restrictions for the duration of the repair. This was in order to maintain sufficient flows for vital indoor and firefighting water usage.

The leak was located in a section of pipe under the Puntledge River. CVRD staff worked intensively with consultants and stakeholders to plan and orchestrate a complex repair solution that required extensive and careful planning, design, and fabrication. The repair involved installing new valves on the water main to temporarily re-route the bulk of the water before sending a diver into the 900mm steel pipe to patch the leak by welding from inside the water-filled pipe.

The CVRD would like to thank the community for doing their part to conserve water and ensure the repair was a success.

This time-lapse video shows crews preparing the water pipe for the diver to enter.

For more information about water restrictions please visit: www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/restrictions

Project Background

Water for the Comox Valley Water System exits the water treatment facility located on Powerhouse Road through two transmission mains. A significant leak was identified in the 900mm steel water main as it runs under the Puntledge River. This pipe is one of the primary (and largest) transmission mains for the Comox Valley Water System.

CVRD Waterworks Staff first suspected a leak when water meter readings showed unaccounted water consumption. To narrow down the location of the leak, staff systematically isolated parts of the water system using shut-off valves. Once this was completed, leak-detection technology was used to determine a more exact location. The CVRD met almost daily in the office and on site with consultants and various industry specialists to assess the condition of the damaged water main, and develop a thorough repair solution. Ensuring access to healthy drinking water for residents and protecting the health of the Puntledge River was the top priorities during the repair of the leak.

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