Want to make extra money for higher education? Are you looking for a rewarding career? Join our recreation team to have fun, earn money, and make a difference!

The minimum age to become a Lifeguard/Instructor is 16. Sign up for our leadership courses - view the course stream and leadership course schedule. 

Job postings can be found on our current opportunities page.

Top reasons to become a Lifeguard/Instructor:
Make a difference

Every day you go to work at the CVRD pools, you will actively make an impact. Teaching children and adults to swim and helping them attain valuable water skills impacts their lives forever. Your job makes the world a better place. 

Lifeguard/Instructors are in demand

Did you know there is a lifeguard shortage? Many facilities are hiring.

Help others

The kindness, care, and compassion you demonstrate is appreciated! In addition, you may have the opportunity to save a life.

Work as part of a team

Our Lifeguard/Instructors train, learn and work together in emergency situations.  Camaraderie, friendship, respect and loyalty are all part of being on our team.

Gain high school credits

BC students can use Bronze Cross, Lifesaving Instruction, NL, and WSI certifications for credit toward high school graduation. 

Flexibility in work schedule

The pools are open 7 days a week from early morning to evening and we offer a variety of shifts. 

Financially rewarding

The CVRD Lifeguard/Instructor wage rate for 2019 is $21.42/hour during the probationary period and after probation from $23/hour plus a premium when teaching specific classes.*  Full time opportunities exist and include an excellent benefit package.

*refer to the USW 1-1937 collective agreement 

Learn skills that will last a lifetime

Learn skills that can used outside the workplace. In fact, most lifeguards use their First Aid and CPR skills while off duty to save a loved one, family member, or even a complete stranger. Lifeguards also learn valuable leadership skills and are community role models. The ability to manage an emergency situation, make quick decisions and be a leader, are all skills that transfer well into almost any other field of work.