Comox Valley Water Treatment Project

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Photo Caption: Installation of the transmission main that will move treated water from the plant into the drinking water distribution system. (Dec. 2020)

About the Project

Construction of the Comox Valley Water Treatment Project kicked off in fall 2019 and is well underway. The new system, scheduled for completion in 2021, will comply with the provincial surface water treatment objectives guideline and deliver three main benefits:

  • Eliminate the need for turbidity-related boil water notices
  • Remove the risk of viruses and bacteria in our drinking water
  • Provide a secure supply of reliable, high quality drinking water for decades to come

Learn more about why we need a water treatment plant.

    Watch a Timelapse Video

    See how construction progressed on the site last month or check out our library below for a more detailed look back at how the project has evolved since breaking ground in October 2019.

    What's Happening Now:

    • Raw Water Pump Station - Work on the electrical building is almost complete and tunnelling into Comox Lake is now finished. The tunneled portion of the marine pipe has been installed and fully grouted. Work on the intake and submerged portion of the marine pipeline is planned to be complete by end of February. The raw water pumps have also arrived on site ready to be installed in Q1 2021.
    • Water Treatment Plant - In the administration area, the second floor is coming together: with the second level structure being installed. In the main plant, the structural concrete is almost complete. Pipefitters have been busy throughout the plant installing HVAC ducting, piping and equipment. The electricians have almost completed installations within the Primary Electrical room which is scheduled to be energized in early February.
    • Transmission Mains - With the raw water transmission main now complete, crews are finishing work on the treated water transmission main, which is expected to be complete by end of February. The raw water transmission main will transport water pumped from Comox Lake to the new water treatment plant, and from there the treated water transmission main will move drinking water from the treatment plant to water distribution systems in the Comox Valley.

    Here's what crews are working on through January/February:

    • Ensuring safety precautions related to COVID-19 are in place so construction can continue safely.
    • Continuing concrete work and starting mechanical installations in the pump house at the raw water pump station site.
    • Finishing installation of the marine pipe and intake at Comox Lake.
    • Completing concrete pouring for the water treatment plant and progressing structural steel, mechanical and electrical work.
    • Completing the treated water transmission main between the treatment plant and the existing transmission system.

      News Highlights

      Partnering with K’ómoks First Nation

      The K’ómoks First Nation (KFN) and the CVRD signed a Mutual Benefit Agreement on September 28, 2018 confirming cooperation and collaboration in the management of water resources in the region. In the signing of this agreement, KFN has stated its support of the Comox Valley Water Treatment Project and the CVRD’s water license application. 

      The CVRD celebrated the start of construction and officially broke ground with the KFN on October 30, 2019 at Comox Lake. From left to right: CVRD director Daniel Arbour, K’ómoks First Nation Councillors Katherine Frank and Richard Hardy, CVRD directors Wendy Morin and Doug Hillian, CVRD Water Committee Chair David Frisch, K’ómoks First Nation Chief Nicole Rempel, CVRD Chair Bob Wells and CVRD director Edwin Grieve.
      Project Cost and Funding

      The Comox Valley Water Treatment Project is estimated to cost $126 million.

      While the project will receive federal and provincial grant funding ($58.5 million) under the Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) – Environmental Quality (EQ), there will still be costs for which the CVRD will be responsible.

      The Comox Valley Water System will contribute reserves of $38.5 million and the CVRD plans to borrow up to $29 million over a maximum of 25 years to finance its share of the construction costs.

      The cost of borrowing this money will mean an increase in bulk water rates for users of the Comox Valley Water System. It is estimated the new system will cost roughly $86 per household/year.

      Click here for more information about how we will fund our Water Treatment Project.

      Project Timeline

      The design-build contract was awarded to AECON Water Infrastructure Inc. in July 2019, signaling the start of the construction phase of this project. Some construction related activities (like land clearing) will begin in 2019. Infrastructure construction will begin in 2020, to be complete Spring 2021.

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      Background Documents

      For more information about the Comox Valley Water Treatment Project please see the following documents: