High Risk Activities Restrictions

High Risk Activities

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) provides this information as preparation for a wildfire season to residents and contractors of the Comox Valley. When a high risk activity ban is put into effect, notice will be given through this website and on social media.

During periods of heightened forest fire danger, certain work activities may start forest fires. In order to reduce the risk of forest fires, these “high risk activities” are banned or restricted by regulation.

The CVRD regulates “high risk activities” with the regulatory bylaws in fire service areas that it manages. The Province regulates “high risk activities” through the Wildfire Act and Wildfire Regulation in areas that do not have a regulatory bylaw.

It is important that everybody helps to reduce the risk of forest fires and is aware of the regulations that restrict “high risk activities”.

Unsure which fire protection area you are located within?

Visit our interactive map to find out and direct questions to you local fire department.
Fire Protection Area Interactive Map

What are High Risk Activities?

High risk activities can be described as any activity that can produce a spark and is done in a combustible area such as on or near the forest floor or grassy area.