Oyster River Fire Superior Tanker Shuttle Service

Oyster River Fire Rescue (ORFR) which provides fire protection to the Black Creek-Oyster Bay local service area has been added to the list of accredited fire departments for the delivery of Superior Shuttle Tanker Services (Alternative Supply for Public Fire Protection) by working in conjunction with Fire Underwriters Survey.

Superior Tanker Shuttle Service (STSS) is recognized as the equivalency to hydrant protection and insurers utilize the information provided by Fire Underwriters Survey in setting the property insurance rates throughout Canada.

Now that this achievement is in place, residential property owners in this area should know that they can contact their insurance provider to discuss if their property qualifies for any benefit on their premium of the fire portion of their residential policy. 

The requirements for this accreditation are stringent and verify that Oyster River Fire Rescue is capable of getting water to the site of a fire in rural areas. To be accredited, fire departments must commit to maintaining a high standard of organization, and practice delivering the service regularly.

Property owners may print the letter of recognition and provide it to the insurance provider to apply for a fire protection discount.