Neighbourhood Grant Funding is available through FireSmart Canada

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day - May 4, 2024
Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is a national campaign that encourages citizens to take actions that increase their home, neighbourhood and community’s resilience to wildfire. Residents of all ages all over the country are encouraged to come together at any time from May to October to host events and work on projects that raise awareness of wildfire risk and increase their resilience to it. Groups can also apply for a $500 award to fund their own Prep Day events.

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FireSmart Home Partners Property Assessment

Property owners who join the Home Partners program will actively participate in an on-site assessment with a Wildfire Mitigation Specialist. This professional assessment — estimated to take two to four hours to complete — will identify the strengths and areas for improvement to strengthen your property's defense and reduce wildfire risk.

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FireSmart Help Protect Your Home

Forest fires are a natural part of our ecosystem, and we’re learning that we cannot eliminate them. However, we can reduce the risk of losing our buildings and properties during a wildfire event. The FireSmart program will show you techniques to protect your property from burning. You can do many of these steps yourself with little expense.

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Tips to FireSmart Your Home