The CVRD wants to thank equestrian riders for participating in our survey!  Riders completed a total of 108 surveys providing parks staff with useful direction on how the CVRD can improve riding experiences on local park trails. This infomation is being considered as staff set project priorities for the next five years. 

What riders told us.

How often do you ride in CVRD parks and trails?

  • 10 survey respondents ride 80 or more times of year with five of these riders going for 100 rides a  year - nearly twice a week
  • The averge number of rides was 38 per year
  • Riders indicated they often ride for two to three hours per outing.
More Responses to Survey Questions
What obstacles or hazards have you encountered in the past 12 months while riding?
  • Poor trail etiquette from other users, lack of parking, rocky surfacing, dogs, too many people and wet conditions among reported obstacles and hazards
Aside from the pleasure of riding, and exercise for the horse during your rides, what other experiences are you seeking?
  • Swimming, picnics, going to the beach and enjoying views are top experiences that riders desire
Which trails would you like to ride but do not have access to due to park rules or because the trails are on private land?
  • Local woodlots, restricted Seal Bay trails, Tsolum River crossing at Tsolum Spirit Park, Puntledge River Trails out to Comox Lake and Miracle Beach are among the locations where riders would like access
Are there regional district trails you do not use because of their condition or hazards? If so, list which trails.
  • One Spot, Seal Bay and fairgrounds are among those locations where riders have concerns about the trails
Other suggestions from riders
  • Improved signs, mounting blocks and more parking are some of the suggestions from riders to improve parks