Pinecrest Park - CLOSED

Due to the wet conditions in January and the upcoming winter events Pinecrest Park will be closed for the remainder of January and until drier, warmer conditions prevail.  This decision is made for the safety of park users and to protect against unnecessary bike park feature degradation.

Park Winter Outings

The winter storms and cooler weather can create hazardous conditions in the parks. Expect wet and slippery areas on trails. Stay off ice on ponds and creeks as the ice is seldom thick enough to support people or pets. Avoid walking in the forests when winds are making the tree tops sway as large branches may fall onto the trail endangering park users. Parking lots are not cleared of snow. Expect compact snow and ice in parking areas after snowfalls. Thank you for reporting trees that have fallen across trails or other concerns you have about the conditions you encounter during your winter park outings.


Park Invasives

We are monitoring Eastern Grey Squirrels. Grey squirrels are an introduced species that may pose a threat to native squirrels and birds.

We are asking park visitors to report sightings to allow us to:

  • map the current distribution
  • determine the spread of these species
  • determine if action is required to protect native species.

If you spot a big bushy squirrel please contact us:

Fill out our online form or call 250-334-6000 or toll-free: 1-800-331-6007