Bates Road Parking Lot Closed Thursday and Friday This Week to Complete Construction

Vistors to Seal Bay on January 20 and 21st will find the Bates Road parking lot under construction. Those wishing to visit the park are encouraged to use the parking area at 2201 Hardy Road on Thursday and Friday. Thank you for your patience as we complete work on the expanded parking at Bates.

Be Prepared for Conditions During Winter Visits to Parks

Staying active outdoors in winter brings all kinds of physical and mental health benefits. If heading out to explore a CVRD park it’s important to be prepared to encounter demanding conditions.

Pond on Forest Loop, Seal Bay Park Dec 2021

When temperatures drop below zero expect snow and ice in parking lots and on trails. Note that the CVRD does not plow parking lots nor do we sand or salt any park facilities including stairs. Access to some parks and facilities may not be available with parking being very limited. During rainy days expect puddles on trails with some muddy sections. Use of park trails and facilities is not recommended during strong winds due to the risk of falling branches and trees. Walking or skating on frozen ponds and streams is also unsafe as changing conditions under even thick ice can leave outdoor enthusiasts at risk of falling through.

Here are some simple safety tips:

  • Dress for the weather (sturdy footwear and layering is best)
  • Walk with a friend (or two)
  • Always let someone know where you’re going and when to expect you back
  • Allow enough time to return before sunset. (In a forest or valley, where it gets dark earlier, leave an extra 30 minutes.)
  • Carry a flashlight or headlamp (your cellphone light won’t be enough)
  • Pack a personal first aid kit
  • Stay on the trails.

Parking Lot at Goose Spit Park

The center parking lot at Goose Spit park has been eroded by a recent and exceptional high tide event.  The parking lot remains open with limited capacity. Please park vehicles well clear of barriers, flagging tape and eroded areas.

Parking lot repairs are scheduled for Friday, January 14.  The parking lot will be closed while repairs are being made.  The other parking areas will remain open on this day.

Campfires and Parks

Campfires and beach fires are not permitted in the parks at this time.  This includes beach fires at Goose Spit park.  Fires are permitted inside fire places at picnic shelters at Joe Walker Park and Royston Seaside Park.

Contained barbeques and hibachis are permitted providing they are CSA or ULC approved as a portable campfire apparatus and the flame height does not exceed 15 centimeters or 6 inches.

Beach Fire Program


Please remember that our parks protect all native plants, animals, and their homes.  This includes rocks, sand, driftwood, and shells. Dumping of yard waste and fill in a park is unlawful, destructive to natural ecosystems, and expensive to clean up.

Park Invasives

We are monitoring Eastern Grey Squirrels. Grey squirrels are an introduced species that may pose a threat to native squirrels and birds.

We are asking park visitors to report sightings to allow us to:

  • map the current distribution
  • determine the spread of these species
  • determine if action is required to protect native species.

If you spot a big bushy squirrel please contact us:

Fill out our online form or call 250-334-6000 or toll-free: 1-800-331-6007