Park Outings & Stormy Weather

Be cautious about hiking on forested trails when the weather turns stormy and wet. Trails can be slippery and winds can dislodge branches or provoke unstable trees to fall. Let others know where you are going and when you expect to be back. Better yet, hike with friends or family and take a cell phone loaded with a trail map for your hiking destination.

Park Outings & COVID-19

When venturing out to the parks during these uncertain times please continue safe hygiene and physical distancing as you enjoy the trails, sunshine and budding signs of spring. Please note the following closures and postponements.

  • Goose Spit Park beach fires closed.
  • Little River (Crescent beach) beach fires closed.
  • Joe Walker Park beach fires closed. Cooking shelter open.
  • Royston Seaside Trail cooking shelter open.

Goose Spit stairs are open to uphill use permitted only. Stair climbers can return to Goose Spit via Yates Road and Hawkins Greenway which is an 820 metre round trip.

Visitors to our parks are asked to continue to follow public health recommendations and follow these important guidelines:

  • Respect physical distancing practices and stay two metres (six feet) away from others. This distancing measure does not apply to families or household units.
  • Stay and play in your local neighbourhood.
  • Respect the natural setting and don’t leave a trace. This includes not leaving behind painted rocks or fairy forest plastic, man-made items and garbage.
  • Before you go, check your local government website to view the latest facility closures and measures being undertaken to contain COVID-19.

Park Invasives

We are monitoring Eastern Grey Squirrels. Grey squirrels are an introduced species that may pose a threat to native squirrels and birds.

We are asking park visitors to report sightings to allow us to:

  • map the current distribution
  • determine the spread of these species
  • determine if action is required to protect native species.

If you spot a big bushy squirrel please contact us:

Fill out our online form or call 250-334-6000 or toll-free: 1-800-331-6007