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Campfire & Smoking Ban Currently in Effect

Due to extreme hot, dry conditions, campfires and smoking are not permitted in any regional district park at this time.  This includes beach fires at Goose Spit park, and the fire places at picnic shelters at Joe Walker Park and Royston Seaside Park.

Contained barbeques and hibachis are permitted providing they are CSA or ULC approved as a portable campfire apparatus and the flame height does not exceed 15 centimeters or 6 inches.

Beach Fire Program Cancelled

Union Bay Connector Trail

A new accessibility trail, between Third Street and McLeod Road in Union Bay, will be constructed in June.  The trail will assist residents of the Seaview Retirement home and the neighbourhood with a safer and more direct route to the village of Union Bay.   Expect large machinery and construction in the vicinity of this area.

Union Bay Connector Trail Map

Goose Spit ParkGoose Spit park protects the very rare yellow sand-verbena community of sand dune species.

Goose Spit park protects the very rare yellow sand-verbena community of sand dune species.  Please avoid trampling over the sand dunes.  Watch for log corrals and signs that mark sensitive plants and animal homes.  Use the marked trails and and parking lot surfaces to travel to the beach.


Please remember that our parks protect all native plants, animals, and their homes.  This includes rocks, sand, driftwood, and shells.

Dumping of yard waste and fill in a park is unlawful, destructive to natural ecosystems, and expensive to clean up.

Summer Observation Challenge Game on Forest Loop Seal Bay

The ‘Observation Challenge’ is an initiative of Back Country Horsemen of BC’s North Vancouver Island chapter, in cooperation with Active Comox Valley. It is a fun activity for everyone whether on horseback, bicycle or foot to enjoy time in the park and look for 12 ‘things’ along the multi-use Forest Loop trail. Grab a list of clues from the Hardy Road parking lot kiosk or download it here. Full details available here on the Active Comox Valley website.

Expect Full Parking Lots

Park visitors should anticipate limited parking at main park entrances of popular destinations such as Seal Bay, Nymph Falls and One Spot Trail. Trail visitation numbers are up significantly over the past year filling parking lots even during the weekday mornings that are cloudy and cold. To avoid congestion consider parking at alternate entrances when available such as the Hardy Road entrance for visits to Seal Bay. Also avoid the popular parks on weekends especially around 10am and 2pm. An expansion of the parking lot at the Bates Road entrance to Seal Bay is planned for September of 2021. At this point there are no definite plans to expand parking areas at any of the other parks. Thanks for your patience.

Seal Bay Park - Trail Closure

Due to a hazardous leaning tree over Fern Trail west of Bates Road the regional district has closed this section of trail indefinitely. The leaning tree is proving to be difficult to remove without requiring the falling of the large tree supporting it. Please access Sky Trail from Upland at the Bates entrance or Maple from the Loxley entrance. Fern Trail is likely to remain closed until mid-March.

Park Invasives

We are monitoring Eastern Grey Squirrels. Grey squirrels are an introduced species that may pose a threat to native squirrels and birds.

We are asking park visitors to report sightings to allow us to:

  • map the current distribution
  • determine the spread of these species
  • determine if action is required to protect native species.

If you spot a big bushy squirrel please contact us:

Fill out our online form or call 250-334-6000 or toll-free: 1-800-331-6007