Archive Searches

Archive Searches

Archive searches for building permits are still being conducted, however, due to the volume of requests and our focus on processing building permit applications, searches will take up to two weeks to complete. We recognize that this timing is challenging when your request relates to a pending purchase or sale of property. Where possible, we encourage realtors and other representatives to complete an online search of our records.

  • On our website, click on the iMap link at the bottom of the page
  • Click “Launch iMap
  • Read the terms of use, check off “agree” and hit the “ok” button
  • In the upper left hand corner of the map application, use the “find address or place” field and begin typing the address of the subject property. When the correct address appears, click on it and the map will find the property (may need to zoom in using either mouse scroll or the +/- buttons at the top left).
  • Click on the property and a small window will open up. Click on the “more info” beside Building Permit. This will open a new window showing a summary of the permits. Then click at the top on “Building Permits” or “Plumbing Permits”
  • This should then show a list of each permit that has been issued to that property since 1987, indicating the permit number, work description and the outcome of all of the inspections that were completed, including final results. An ideal result would have each permit showing “Final Results: Accepted”
  • Please note that if the roll number has changed for any reason, the results may not be complete.

Archive Search Request Form  
Please see form for how to submit to the CVRD and for associated fees.

We are able to take credit card payment over the phone. If you have further questions about Archive searches, please contact us.

Given our prioritization of building permit processing, the archive search request process will take more time and we appreciate your patience.