HMCS Quadra Forcemain Replacement

The HMCS Quadra Forcemain Replacement Project was undertaken to replace a forcemain running through the K’omoks Estuary that was 60+ years old and at risk of failure. When the new infrastructure is complete, the old pipe will no longer be in use – eliminating a significant risk to the area’s natural environment.

The $1.6 million project was funded by the Department of National Defence’s capital assistance program and included installation of a new forcemain from HMCS Quadra to the Hawkins/Croteau/Torrence intersection, as well as a pump station retrofit for the facility located at HMCS Quadra. The CVRD will own and operate the forcemain and pump station.

The old forcemain, which runs through the estuary connecting HMCS Quadra to the Jane Place pump station will be filled and left in place to minimize disruption to the ocean floor.

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