Answers to commonly asked questions about pesticides, pesticide usage and bylaws in the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) and its municipalities. To explore community organizations working to reduce the use of pesticides in the Comox Valley, view our Pesticide Resources page. Or learn more about available pesticide alternatives

What are the rules regarding pesticide use in the Comox Valley?

In the Comox Valley, each municipality has its own pesticide bylaw in place. For details, visit:

What do the pesticide bylaws mean for homeowners?

Residents within the municipalities cannot use traditional chemical-based pesticides or herbicides on your lawn or garden. The municipal bylaws prohibit non-essential use of pesticides.

What happens if someone uses a pesticide?

It is an offence to use or allow the use of pesticides, except as permitted under the bylaws. For example, it would be an offence to apply a pesticide or herbicide to a residential lawn. Anyone using pesticides can be issued a ticket and fined by the bylaw enforcement officer from the town, city or village where they live.

Do these bylaws apply to all pesticides?

They apply to all pesticides except those that are listed as exempt in the bylaw. Exempt items include insecticidal soaps, horticultural oils, pheromones, boric acid, nematodes, biological controls, sticky traps, lime, diatomaceous earth, and bait stations.

What can I use instead?

The best defense against needing to use pesticide is a healthy lawn and garden. Adding beneficial insects to your garden is also an option, as are low or non-toxic treatments. Ask your garden centre staff or landscaper about how to garden without pesticides.

Why can I still buy chemical pesticides?

The provincial and federal government regulates the sale of pesticides. They are not banned substances and as such, are still available for sale in many places.

How can I disposal of pesticides and pesticide containers?

Pesticides are considered a household hazardous waste (HHW).  HHW is any toxic product located within your home that poses a threat to public health and environmental safety when handled, stored and/or disposed of improperly.  Such items include: pesticides, paint, paint aerosols, flammable liquids, gasoline, etc. 

When pesticides are no longer needed or cannot be applied because of the restrictions in the municipal bylaws, residents can dispose of their leftover products in an environmentally responsible way at the following "Product Care" facility:

  • Comox Valley waste management centre
    3699 Bevan Road, Cumberland
    Household Hazardous Waste drop off hours: 
Where can I learn more?

To view the pesticide bylaw for your municipality contact the City of Courtenay at 250-334-4441 or the Town of Comox at 250-339-2202 or the Village of Cumberland at 250-336-2291.