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Zoning is a way of regulating land use by assigning parcels of land to categories that include a specific range of permitted uses and densities, as well as lot size and siting regulations.

Zoning bylaws are authorized under section 479 of the Local Government Act (LGA); section 479 does not provide the authority to regulate matters such as nuisance, colour, architectural theme or aesthetics. Zoning bylaws cannot regulate the people who may occupy a building nor the relationship between the occupants.

What is Land Use & Zoning?

Land use provides direction on managing a region’s land and resources. It is important for ensuring successful social, economic and environmental outcomes for an area.

Zoning is a way of regulating land use by assigning parcels of land to categories that include a specific range of permitted uses and densities, as well as lot size and siting regulations. For example, zoning stipulates restrictions like the number of dwellings allowed on a lot or whether commercial activity is permitted on a lot.

Land Use and Zoning in the CVRD

Land Use and Zoning in the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is regulated by the Land Use & Zoning Bylaw No. 520. The CVRD’s Zoning Bylaw No. 520 applies to all three electoral areas within the CVRD (Area A, B, C). The municipalities of Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland have their own zoning bylaws.

The rules and regulations set out in Bylaw No. 520 have been determined based on long-term plans like the Regional Growth Strategy and the Rural Comox Valley Official Community Plan. Each of these tools are important for guiding future growth and change in the three electoral areas of the CVRD.

Find My Zoning

Looking to find out how your property is zoned? There are two options to find out this information:

Option 1: Interactive Zoning Map

  • Find your property on the Interactive Zoning Map below.
  • Once you’ve located your property and noted its zoning category, you can review Zoning Bylaw No. 520 to understand the details of this category.

Option 2: iMap Web Application

  • Open the iMap web application.
  • In the top left corner, find your property by searching its civic address, property identification number (PID) or its roll number.
  • Once you have located your property, open the layers menu by clicking on the ‘Layer List’ icon in the top right corner. Expand the “Map Layers” menu, and click on the ‘Zoning’ option.
  • Next, click on the blue information icon, located under the search bar at the top left, and then click on your property. A window will open with information about your property. Access a second page by clicking the arrow, and then click on the “More info” link to find your property’s zoning information.

Next Steps

  • Looking to change zoning for a property? Visit Submit a Planning Application. 
  • Looking to build on a property? Visit Building Permits.
  • Looking for more information on land use and zoning? Please contact the Planning & Development Services department by phone at 250-334-6006 or online

Agricultural Land Reserve

The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) is a provincial designation over land that is regulated by the Agricultural Land Commission Act.

For more information about the ALR, including answers to many frequently asked questions, visit the Agricultural Land Commission website at www.alc.gov.bc.ca.

For more information on agricultural land in the Comox Valley, refer to the Comox Valley Agricultural Plan.

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