Beach Fire Programs Cancelled for 2021 Season

To support the efforts to contain COVID-19 and encourage physical distancing, beach fire programs at Goose Spit Park and the Little River ferry terminal will be cancelled for 2021. The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) Parks Department is asking visitors not to light beach fires and reminds users that it is unlawful to have a fire outside a fire ring or fire place in all CVRD parks.

Learn more by reading the news release.

Take Care in the Park

Spring in the parks is a time of earthly rejuvenation and sanctuary. Most parks are large enough to respect social distancing practices with ease. We encourage the public to visit these spectacular natural places in our community.

Plants grow by the millimeter and die by the foot!

Goose Spit Park protects the very rare Yellow Sand-verbena community of sand dune species. Please avoid trampling over the sand dunes. Use the marked trails and paved surfaces to travel from the parking lots to the beach.  Watch for log corrals that mark sensitive plants and animal homes.


Please remember that our parks protect all native plants, animals, and their homes. This includes rocks, driftwood, and shells.