Goose Spit Park

The annual summer beach fire program is now over at Goose Spit park. Beach fires are not permitted at this park again until May 1, 2020. The park still offers winter activities and spectacular ocean views.

Plants grow by the millimeter and die by the foot!

Goose Spit park protects the very rare Yellow Sand-verbena community of sand dune species. Please avoid trampling over the sand dunes. Use the marked trails and paved surfaces to travel from the parking lots to the beach.  Watch for log corrals that mark sensitive plants and animal homes.

Other Beach Fire Opportunities

From Family Day to Thanksgiving, four beach fire rings are available at the Little River ferry terminal, overflow parking lot. Please help ensure that local beaches, with beach fire programs, make good neighbours. This helps ensure the continuation of these programs.  Report unacceptable behavior to the RCMP.

Fires are also permitted south of Courtenay in the Royston Seaside Trail BBQ shelter (3948 Marine Drive), and at Joe Walker Park fireplace and fire rings, south of Union Bay.


Please remember that our parks protect all native plants, animals, and their homes. This includes rocks, driftwood, and shells.