Beach Fires

Beach Fires

Fires are permitted in three CVRD parks.

There are fire places at Joe Walker Park and Royston Seaside Park. Fires and cooking activities are permitted year-round outside of fire bans. Joe Walker Park also has two beach fire rings: one at the picnic area and one at the north end of the park. Remember: bring firewood!

Beach fires are permitted at Goose Spit Park from May 1 to September 4 in the ten rings located at the mid and far ends of the park. There is a limited amount of firewood on site, however visitors are encouraged to bring firewood, as burning of driftwood is dangerous and not permitted.

Visitors may also bring their own barbeques, hibachis, and portable propane fire rings to CVRD parks.

When having a fire, burn only clean, dry wood to keep smoke and pollutants to a minimum. Keep a bucket of water at the fire. If no else wants your fire when you are ready to leave, ensure the fire is put out completely by dousing it with water. Do NOT put sand on the fire!

It is unlawful to have a fire outside a fire ring or fire place in CVRD parks. All CVRD parks close at 11pm. All fires must be out by this time with all visitors leaving the park by 11.

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