The only thing better than going green and reducing your environmental footprint is saving money at the same time. The links below will give you more information about several ways you can do just that. 

Home Energy Rebates

Increase the energy efficiency of your home, reduce your household’s eco-footprint and save money on heating and cooling costs.


EfficiencyBC Program

EfficiencyBC is an integrated offer of financial incentives, information and support to help households and businesses save energy and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by switching to high efficiency heating equipment and making building envelope improvements. As the CVRD is a partner in this program, homeowners in all areas of the Comox Valley can recieve a $450 rebate for completing pre and post retrofit EnerGuide home evaluations, and incentives of up to $2,350 for switching from a fossil-fuel heat source (natural gas, propane, or oil) to a high-efficiency electric heat pump.

Program details, including specifics on how to apply for funding, are available at the new Efficiency BC website:


EnerGuide Existing Homes Rebate Program

PROGRAM UPDATE: As of September 28, 2018, the CVRD is a partner in the provincial EfficiencyBC program & residents who complete EnerGuide home evaluations on or after this date are eligible for rebates through this new program. EnerGuide home evaluations completed on or before September 27, 2018 can apply for a rebate according to the directions below.

Starting May 1, 2018, the CVRD has $300 rebates available for Comox Valley homeowners that complete pre-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluations to identify options to improve the energy efficiency of their existing homes. These rebates are available on a first come, first served basis, and homeowners in all areas of the Comox Valley (including municipalities) are eligible. To apply, submit the following documentation to the CVRD:

  • Completed EnerGuide Home Evaluation rebate form (link)

  • First page of the pre-retrofit Home Energy Assessment report, showing the EnerGuide rating

  • A receipt for the pre-retrofit Home Energy Assessment report, showing the assessment was completed after May 1, 2018

Submissions may be by email, mail, or in person at the CVRD’s main office:

Home Energy Assessment Rebate
Comox Valley Regional District
600 Comox Road
Courtenay, BC V9N 3P6

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of completing an EnerGuide home evaluation?

There are many benefits to having an energy advisor complete an evaluation of the energy efficiency of your home, including:

  • It can be a first step in making your home more comfortable.

  • It can identify upgrades that will return long-term savings on energy costs.

  • You can learn more about how your home works as a system.

  • Make energy efficiency improvements a selling point to prospective buyers of your home.

  • Access rebates from BC Hydro & others for specific upgrades to your home’s energy efficiency – complete three or more upgrades to be eligible for a $750 bonus offer!

What rebates are available for upgrades to my homes energy efficiency?

Information on rebates available can be found at the EfficiencyBC program's website.

I completed a pre-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation prior to April 30, 2018. Am I eligible for this rebate?

This program is offered for pre-retrofit EnerGuide Home Evaluations completed between May 1, 2018 & September 27, 2018. Evaluations completed on or after September 28 are eligible for rebates through the EfficiencyBC program.

Where can I find contact information for local energy advisors?

The Home Performance Stakeholder Council’s website includes a listing of energy advisors ( For convenience, here also is a list of energy advisors that work on existing homes in the Comox Valley:

  • Darrell Eason, Focused Energy Assessments, 250-650-4661

  • Bruce Gray, Zero Energy Advisors, 250-740-5791

  • Chris Wiebe, Verdatech Energy Management & Consulting, 250-714-2274

This list is for reference only and is not intended as an endorsement by the CVRD. If your company provides energy assessments for existing homes and is not listed here, please contact 250-334-6038.

Energy Efficient Houses Rebate Program

Starting January 1, 2018, receive 25 to 100 per cent rebate on building permit fee for achieving Step 3 or higher of the BC Energy Step Code. The BC Energy Step Code is a voluntary provincial standard that aims to create more energy efficient buildings. There are five steps for houses, and each step represents different energy efficiency requirements. Steps 1 to 3 can be achieved using construction techniques and products readily understood and available in today’s market. Homes built to Steps 4 and 5 are more ambitious. For more information on the BC Energy Step Code click here.

320% More Energy Efficient than BC Building Code;Comparable to Energy Star or Built Green25%
440% More Energy Efficient than BC Building Code; Comparable to R-200050%
5Net Zero Energy Ready100%

The application form, along with the board policy on this rebate program available here. Applicants should complete and submit a Pre-Construction Report at time of building permit application and include the completed As-Built Report with your rebate application at the end of the construction project.

Wood Stove Exchange Program

Rebates of $1000 are available for removing a wood heating appliance installed prior to 2014 and installing a heat pump. 

Rebates of $600 are available for removing a wood heating appliance installed prior to 2014 and installing a gas or pellet heating appliance. 

Rebates of $250 are available for removing a non-EPA/CSA certified wood heating appliance (typically installed prior to 1994), with a certified wood stove. 

View the details

BC Hydro & FortisBC Home Renovation Rebate Program

Multiple incentives are available for increasing your home energy efficiency. Significant changes include a 40 per cent increase to the incentives paid for improving insulation, and the addition of a $150 incentive for obtaining an EnerGuide Home Evaluation with a Qualified Energy Advisor.

BC Hydro Home Rebates

FortisBC Home Rebates

BC Hydro Power Smart Program for Low-Income Households

BC Hydro offers a separate program to help offset energy costs for low-income households and families.

BC Hydro Power Smart Program

Water Incentives

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is committed to helping residents become more efficient with water usage and reduce their water consumption. Doing so lowers demand, reduces wasted water and, in turn, helps to keep future infrastructure costs down. ­

Smart Control Irrigation Rebate

$300 rebate for the purchase of a qualifying smart irrigation controller. The installation of smart control, to an irrigation system, helps residents use water more efficiently.

Smart Control Irrigation Rebate

Water Leak Rebate

Billing adjustment for homeowners that have experienced a water leak resulting in above average consumption of water. Once the leak is located and repaired, the homeowner can complete a leak rebate application and submit it to the CVRD for review and calculation.

Water Leak Rebate

Building and Construction Rebates

Several green building grants, incentives and rebates are available for construction projects within the Comox Valley Regional District.

Natural Resources Canada

ecoENERGY Audit and Retrofit Programs – a comprehensive list of energy-efficiency related financial incentives for British Columbians.

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Recreation Incentives

Looking for financial assistance programs for recreation activities? Visit our Financial Assistance page for more information.