Connected by Water

Connected by Water is a CVRD program that was developed in response to the community education and engagement recommendations in the Comox Lake Watershed Protection Plan. The goal of this program is to build capacity, community and connection to support watershed protection and water conservation efforts. Working with community stakeholders and knowledge holders, the Connected by Water team has developed curriculum resources, workshops, tours, presentations and a framework for discussion and learning that responds to the questions:

“What makes a climate resilient watershed?” 

“What makes it possible for me to have safe water to drink?”


Connected by Water K - 12 Curriculum Resources

Resources for Recreation Leaders

What is Climate Resilience?

In 2016 the CVRD published the Comox Lake Watershed Protection Plan. Its objective is to guide the management of the Comox Lake watershed for the long-term protection of drinking water at the highest possible quality.

Learn more about our Watershed Protection Plan