Public Information Session

Thank you to all who attended the public information session on Monday, August 13 to hear about the status of the auxiliary fire hall project.  We appreciate all of the interest. View the presentation panels

Next Steps

  • Continued land acquisition within the notional location (see map)
  • Volunteer recruitment - having a full compliment of volunteer fire fighters is essential in order for the hall to operate
  • For information on how to apply to become a volunteer fire fighter, contact the Oyster River Fire Department.


The need to establish a fire hall in the Merville region was identified in a study conducted for the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) in 2016.

As a new fire hall would benefit both the Merville Fire Protection Service and the Tsolum-Farnham Fire Protection Service, the CVRD has committed to merging these two services. This will make the project more cost efficient and will ensure that property owners pay an equitable amount toward the auxiliary hall project. It could also result in more favourable insurance rates for area property owners.

Property Selection Process

The CVRD is working with a realtor to identify potential properties on which a fire hall could be located. The property identification, selection and acquisition will be conducted through closed meetings without public input to ensure that a fair evaluation for the property is achieved. Following the acquisition, the selected property will be announced to the public.


See more background information below, including staff reports and the newsletters sent to area residents.