Merville Fire Protection Services Project


The CVRD provides the Greater Merville Fire Protection Service and has constructed and equipped a new auxiliary fire hall which is located at the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society property on Williams Beach Road and Island Highway. This fire hall is centrally located within the Greater Merville area and is anticipated to provide the following benefits:

  • Improved life-safety of the residents within the service area.
  • A responding fire hall within eight road kilometers of the residents which may lead to reduced fire insurance premiums.
  • Delivery of medical first responder program within the service area.

In case of emergency; call 911.

Project Updates: July 7, 2022

On July 7 2022, the Merville fire hall officially opened and became “In-Service” with fire trucks, fire services tools and equipment, along with 25 fully trained volunteers.

Fire Chief Bruce Green
Fire Chief Bruce Green

Merville and Oyster River Officers, MARS staff
Photo left to right: Graeme Sargent (Merville Fire Rescue), Martin Thomas (Deputy Chief, Oyster River Fire Rescue) , Edwin Grieve (Director Area C), Arzeena Hamir (Director Area B) , Bruce Green (Fire Chief, Oyster River Fire Rescue), Warren Warttig (President, Mountainaire Avian Rescue (MARS)), Pearl McKenzie (MARS Vice President), Melisa Whitelaw (Merville Fire Rescue), Chris Chambers (Merville Fire Rescue).

Next Steps

With the fire hall now “In-Service”, the fire chief has provided the Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) with the information required for the fire hall to be recognized by insurance carriers which may lead to reduced insurance premiums. With this recognition, FUS will include the fire hall in their Grading Index for the insurance carriers to consider.

To see if your residence is eligible for reduced insurance premiums, please discuss with your insurance provider.

Volunteer Recruitment

The Merville Fire Protection service currently has 25 dedicated volunteers that are trained and ready to serve their community but more volunteers are needed. Volunteer recruitment is ongoing and having a full complement of volunteer fire fighters is essential for the hall to operate. Please consider becoming a volunteer firefighter.

For more information on becoming a volunteer firefighter, please contact

For More Information

Bruce Green, ECFO
Fire Chief, Oyster River Fire Rescue
Email | Tel: 250-337-8121