Water Service Connections in the Comox Valley 

General inquiries for water service connections should be directed to the water department by phone at 250-334-6056 or email engineeringservices@comoxvalleyrd.ca.

Water service connections will be allowed to the water system provided the following conditions can be met:
          a) The property is within the boundaries of a member municipality OR
          b) The property is within a local service area in the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD), Electoral Areas A, B or C OR
          c) There is no other economic source of water and the applicant has completed the following:
                        (i) Retained a professional hydrologist to demonstrate that they cannot produce water to an
                            acceptable standard, as currently specified by the health based standards contained in the
                            Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, or that they cannot produce water to
                            an acceptable volume defined as 2,500 litres/day per dwelling unit.
                        (ii) Any existing septic tank and field systems have been adequately maintained and pumped,
                            and proof of maintenance is provided;
                        (iii) The applicant has paid or deposited sufficient security for all costs associated with the
                             extension of services for the service connection including any deposits, charges, development cost charges (DCCs)
                             or latecomer agreements;
                        (iv) For properties within settlement expansion areas a covenant under Section 219 of the Land
                             Title Act is registered against the property at the owner’s expense prohibiting any
                             subdivision of the land until it is within a municipality, or until a satisfactory servicing
                             agreement has been established; AND
                        (v) Any extension of the water mains or water connections are in accordance with the
                             Comox Valley water system long range infrastructure plans and good engineering

Water Service Applications

Properties within the Black Creek-Oyster Bay (BCOB), Royston, Union Bay and Denman Island Water Local Service Areas or the Comox Valley Water System boundaries are eligible to connect to the regional water system. Property owners who wish to be serviced by regional water can complete the application below and return it to the Engineering Services Department by email to engineeringservices@comoxvalleyrd.ca or dropped off to our office located at 770 Harmston Avenue, Courtenay, BC  V9N 0G6.

Black Creek-Oyster Bay Water System Connection Suspension

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is implementing a suspension on new water connections to the BCOB Water System until at least fall 2022. This measure is necessary to ensure that future development, most of which is planned for the Saratoga Beach area, can be accommodated without impacting existing water system users.

The BCOB system provides water to approximately 2,200 residents, which is sourced from three groundwater wells and a river infiltration gallery. With demand on the system increasing, the CVRD drilled a third well in 2021 with the hopes it would produce enough water to meet current and near term future development requirements in this area. However, anticipated production levels were not reached during this summer’s dry season. Over the next year CVRD staff will explore, drill and test a fourth well to determine if water production targets can be achieved. New connections to the BCOB system will be suspended while this work is underway.

Exemptions to this suspension include:

  • for construction of principal dwellings on vacant land that have been paying frontage tax;
  • for property owners or developers that submitted development permit applications prior to October 2020, or building permit applications prior to November 16, 2021 (please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted), and
  • for projects of key strategic value to the BCOB Water Local Service Area, such as partnership with a property owner for water system extension.

Planning to develop or expand on a property connecting to the BCOB Water System? Read more or contact us at: www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/suspension

Water System Extension

An extension of the nearest water main is sometimes required in order to service a property requesting a water connection. In that case, a separate application for water system extension is required. The applicant is responsible for all costs associated with the extension and the engineered design must be approved by the CVRD.

Water System Connection Bylaws and Policies