Homelessness Support

Housing affordability and availability, and homelessness are of great concern in the Comox Valley. The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) has worked with neighbouring jurisdictions and numerous community service providers to develop materials, conduct research and propose ways of addressing homelessness in the Comox Valley.

City of Courtenay Training Opportunities
The City of Courtenay is offering free workshops and training opportunities to any organization, volunteer, or community member that is working on the front lines, supporting or interacting with individuals experiencing homelessness, addiction, or mental health challenges.

Comox Valley Community Workshops and Training Opportunities

Comox Valley Homelessness Supports Service

As the result of a referendum held in 2015, the CVRD established the Homelessness Supports Service.

The Comox Valley Homelessness Supports Service Establishment Bylaw No. 389 provides for the CVRD to fund one or more non-governmental organization(s) in the Comox Valley based on a Board approved action plan to address homelessness. The Homelessness Supports - Service Delivery Policy provides the framework for delivering the homelessness support service. 

The CVRD undertook a review of the service in 2021. Key recommendations include: looking at the level of funding, increasing awareness of the service, and refining the process of allocating funding to local service organizations. Work to implement the findings is underway. Homelessness and Supports Service Review.

The five-year plan is developed by the Comox Valley Coalition to End Homelessness. The coalition works as a collective to plan, coordinate, recommend and implement community responses to homelessness.

Did you know? Since 2015, 75 units of affordable housing have been built and funded in part through this service.

Homelessness Support Projects/Initiatives

The CVRD is committed to addressing homelessness in the region, evidenced by goal #1 of the Regional Growth Strategy: to ensure the needs of Comox Valley residents are met through affordable and accessible housing, transportation and community services enabled by thoughtful community design.

This goal is being carried out through the following projects/initiatives:

Comox Valley Regional Housing Needs Assessment

The CVRD, the Village of Cumberland, the Town of Comox and the City of Courtenay partnered under the Regional Growth Strategy and undertook a regional housing needs assessment.

Poverty Reduction Plan

The CVRD, the City of Courtenay, the Town of Comox, the Village of Cumberland and K’ómoks First Nation are working together to develop a local action plan. The plan will include an assessment of local poverty and identify key actions for local government and community partners to reduce poverty in the region.

Reports & Resources