Sandwick Water Main Flushing Starts April 23

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) will be conducting water main flushing for the Sandwick Water System from April 23 to 27 in preparation for connecting Sandwick residents to the Comox Valley Water System.

On weekdays between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, flushing will occur beginning from the northeast end of the system, to the southwest end of the system throughout the five day period. Water may be extremely turbid at certain points depending on the flushing schedule – particularly in the Virginia Drive, Meadowbrook area. It is known that this area has experienced significant water quality issues in the past and it is expected that there is a large amount of sediment remaining in the pipe. Once connected to the regional system, flushing will be done on an annual basis to prevent a similar buildup in the future.

Water main flushing does not pose a risk to the general population. However, it is recommended that residents reserve drinking water in anticipation of the flushing. Immune compromised residents should consult with their doctor or nurse practitioner about whether to take extra precautions.

Activities like laundry, dishwashing and showering that require clear, pressurized water should be avoided if possible during the day. Flushing will cease in the evening and residents are advised to run their cold water tap until water is clear prior to resuming their usual activities.

For more information about water main flushing in the Sandwick water system, please visit or phone 250-334-6056.

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