Planning Applications

Planning applications are formal requests by land owners to make changes to a property such as rezoning a property, developing a property or proposing to use a property in a way that is outside the regulations of formal land use plans such as the Zoning Bylaw No. 520 and Rural Comox Valley Official Community Plan. All planning and development applications within the Comox Valley Regional District are subject to the Comox Valley Regional District Planning Procedures and Fees Bylaw No. 328.

The information below provides an overview of the types of planning applications. Please visit Submit a Planning Application to see information about process and fees, as well as a more detailed timeline.

Please note that K'ómoks First Nation has enacted a Cultural Heritage Investigation Permit (CHIP) which is required for development works within a certain proximity of watercourses and all areas of potential archaeological significance. Before starting your work, we strongly encourage you to contact K'ómoks First Nation directly to see if your proposed works are within these areas and what requirements they may have. For further information, please contact the K'ómoks First Nation administrative office at 250-339-4545 (extension 112, or ask to speak to Candace Newman). For more information, please visit their Lands Department webpage

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Types of Applications

Rezoning Application 

An applicant can submit this application to propose a change to the land use of a property. For example, to change from a residential zone to a commercial or industrial zone, or to increase the density (i.e. number of permitted dwellings on a lot).To submit this application, an applicant must supply the following documents:

  • Pre-application consultation request form
  • Completed application form
  • Land title: CVRD staff will pull the land title
  • Proposal including any applicable professional reports and site plans: an applicant can hire a surveyor or other professional to create the reports/site plans that are required

Development Permit (DPs)

Development Permits are generally required to either ensure the protection of the natural environment from development, protect development from hazardous conditions or ensure a consistent approach to the form and character of certain developments.

Below you can find out about each development permit, and what you need to submit the application. All requirements are listed in more detail in the Rural Comox Valley Official Community Plan. Applicants are encouraged to discuss any specific needs/questions with a member of the Planning team.

Types of Development Permits

Variance & Types of Variances

Variances are requests to make exceptions to the rules and regulations set out in the Comox Valley Zoning Bylaw No. 520. Below you can find out about variances, and what you need to submit an application.

Other Permits