Superior Shuttle Accreditiation

What is Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation (STSA)?

Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation is a program of the Fire Underwriters Survey that recognizes a rural fire department's ability to supply water to a fire scene in sufficient volume equivalent to a hydrant water supply. This enhanced service is provided when a fire department is able to show through testing and documentation that it can “shuttle” water to a fire scene by way of tanker trucks in a volume equal to or greater than that of a municipal-type hydrant system.

What is the benefit of STSA?

Once accreditation is achieved by the fire department, homeowners can typically see a reduction of between $300 and $500 in their annual fire insurance premiums. Communities such as Saanich, Salt Spring Island, Errington, and Gabriola Island have already achieved STSA and have reduced insurance premiums. See Cottage Magazine article.

What has been done, and what needs to be done to attain STSA?

As a separate but parallel program to the fire hall project, the Hornby Island fire rescue department continues to develop the skills and resources to be able to challenge the Fire Underwriters Survey testing required to receive accreditation.

To date, the fire department has organized the installation of a number of water storage tanks which are strategically located around Hornby Island. These tanks are currently operational and providing a secure source of water for firefighting.

The fire department still has further work to do towards accreditation; specifically, a second tanker truck will be required to provide a continuous shuttle of water supply, members will need to be trained specifically for this effort, and the fire department will need to successfully challenge the underwriters testing requirements.

During the public consultations some residents requested consideration of fast-tracking the STSA program with the purchase of a second tanker truck ahead of construction of a new fire hall. Staff has been in contact with the
insurance underwriters who have advised that fire trucks not properly housed in a permanent structure are not credited towards the STSA program. The select committee supports the purchase of a second tanker truck when it can be securely protected in a permanent structure to the satisfaction of the Fire Underwriters Survey.