Cannabis Legalization in the CVRD
June 14, 2018
Learn more about what the CVRD is doing in anticipation of the legalization of non-medical cannabis.
Cannabis Leaf
Have Your Say with Connect CVRD
May 28, 2018
Be part of the conversation and learn more about what is going on in the region. All feedback provided is public and will be summarized for consideration and next steps.
Have Your Say
Comox Valley Water Treatment Project
January 15, 2018
A new water treatment plant is under development for the Comox Valley water system. Once complete, Comox Valley residents will have the modern water treatment system they deserve and turbidity related boil water notices will be eliminated. In the interim, installation of temporary UV treatment is expected to reduce boil water notices by about 80% as we await construction of the new water treatment plant.
Comox lake