The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) Board of Directors establishes policies to address a variety of matters and to set the strategic direction for the CVRD. Policies can respond to specific situations or proactively determine a course of action the board intends to follow.

Some of the reasons that the board may set policy include:

  • To assure the public that decisions the board makes are consistent, stable and continuous.
  • To ensure separation is clearly articulated between the role of Elected Officials in setting policy and the role of staff in implementing and carrying out policy.
  • To save time and effort for the public, staff and/or the CVRD Board of Directors by providing clarity on the strategic direction the Board desires to follow.
  • To show leadership on important issues.
  • To ensure the public and special purpose groups have a clear understanding of the Board's position on certain matters.

Governance Policies​

Bylaw Enforcement Policies

Finance Services Policies

Property Services Policies