Baynes Sound - Denman/Hornby Islands (Electoral Area A)


Representative: Daniel Arbour

Baynes Sound – Denman/Hornby Islands (Electoral Area A) begins at the southern boundary of the City of Courtenay and stretches south to Cook Creek, the most southerly boundary of the Comox Valley Regional District. It includes Minto, Royston, Union Bay and Fanny Bay, as well as both Denman Island and Hornby Island.

A vibrant and eclectic collection of small seaside and island communities combine to comprise this electoral area. Its seafaring history endures in the Royston wrecks, the legendary shellfish farming bounties of Fanny Bay and the historic friendly ports of Union Bay. Denman Island and Hornby Island are populated year-round by local residents and become a hot spot for tourism with their breathtaking beaches and trails, their festivals and their thriving artistic communities.