52 Weeks 52 Actions

#52Weeks52Actions is a year long project focused on highlighting the work which the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is undertaking or has taken towards climate action and community wellbeing, two of the four pillars of our Strategic Priorities

  • Climate Crisis and Environmental Stewardship and Protection: The CVRD is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and accelerating our actions to adapt and respond to climate change impacts.
  • Community Partnerships: The social fabric of our communities and the health and wellbeing of
  • citizens depend on solid and sustainable community partnerships. Collaboration and support are ever present in guiding our service delivery.

This projects begins on February 15, 2023,  the 15th anniversary of the formation of the Comox Valley Regional District and will conclude on February 15, 2024. Our goal, to post weekly, sharing the actions we are taking to make the Comox Valley a sustainable and welcoming place to live. Follow along on our social media channels, Facebook  and Twitter as well as on this page where we will be adding more information and links. 

Week Date  Action
Week 38 November 1, 2023

The Comox Valley Sewer Conveyance Project is a significant infrastructure undertaking for the Comox Valley Regional District that aims to enhance the safety and reliability of the sewer system in the community. The project involves the installation of approximately nine kilometers of new sewer forcemain, which will route the sewer pipes further inland to protect them from potential damage by waves, rocks, and logs. This project is crucial in preventing potential environmental disasters in the community.

Here are the key components of the project:

  1. New Sewer Pipe Installation: The project will involve laying a new sewer forcemain pipe that extends from the Courtenay Pump Station all the way to the sewage treatment plant on Brent Rd. This new pipe will be designed to withstand the challenges posed by the local environment, ensuring its long-term reliability.
  2. Courtenay Pump Station: A new Courtenay Pump Station will be built as part of the project. This station will not only meet current earthquake standards but will also incorporate climate resiliency features, such as designing to the 2100 flood construction level. This is essential to ensure that the sewer system can continue to operate effectively, even in the face of changing environmental conditions.
  3. Pump Station Upgrades: The project will also include upgrades to two existing pump stations: the K’ómoks Pump Station, located in IR1 (Indian Reserve 1), and the Comox Pump Station at Jane Place. These upgrades will likely improve their capacity, efficiency and resilience.

To keep the community informed and prepared for the upcoming construction, the CVRD is planning to host a series of public open houses and online webinars. During these sessions, they will present the construction schedule, traffic management plan, and other important details related to the project. 

Stay updated on the Comox Valley Sewer Conveyance Project and the upcoming public information sessions, by visiting the project webpage and subscribe to receive regular news about the project's progress and its potential impact on traffic and daily commutes. 

Week 39 November 8, 2023

The CVRD is pleased to announce the selection of the contractors for the Sewer Conveyance Project. The project is set to begin in March 2024.

Construction will present significant traffic disruption along an important route that is used by residents, businesses and services on a daily basis. We recognize that there are unique audiences in our community that will require information on commuting options and how these options, such as bus transit, cycling and ride sharing, will be impacted. Our goal is to educate and build awareness with key project messages that encourage the use of different modes of transportation and reinforce the importance of following traffic flows and detour routes in effort to reduce traffic congestion.  

In January 2024, the CVRD will host a series of pre-construction open houses and online webinars to present the full traffic management plan and construction schedule. Watch for details on the project website and consider subscribing to receive project news and important traffic updates to help your plan your daily commute. 

Traffic Management Strategy 

Week 40 November 15, 2023

The Sewer Conveyance Project crosses culturally sensitive areas and  known archaeological deposits along the nine kilometre forcemain route. Culturally sensitive areas are identified as regions of land that lie within 200 metres of a shoreline or major waterbodies. These areas must be treated with care and attention to ensure that, before any construction occurs, a thorough archaeological investigation is carried out to determine the presence of any sensitive material. 

Pre-construction investigation work aligns with the K’ómoks First Nation’s Cultural Heritage Policy.  In 2022, the project team carried out archaeological investigations to enable the CVRD to assess currently recorded archaeological site boundaries and the extent of culturally sensitive materials within the forcemain footprint. Results will be used to guide effort and methodologies in a second phase of investigation prior to construction. If necessary further investigations and screening of archaeological deposits will be conducted. 

The CVRD Board identifies the importance of Indigenous Relations as one of its strategic drivers and is committed to advancing reconciliation. As such, these pre-construction investigations are an important part of responsible stewardship of the land on which we have the privilege to work, live and play.

Comox Valley Sewer Conveyance Project

Week 41 November 22, 2023

This month, the Comox Valley Regional District announced the awarding of two contractors for the Sewer Conveyance Project, Maple-Knappett joint venture and Wacor Holdings Ltd. Both contractors were selected for their extensive experience and proficiency in delivering top-tier infrastructure solutions for regional wastewater projects.

Notably, the contractors' proposals came in under the budgeted amount, enabling the CVRD to revise the total cost projection to $96 million. This final cost amounts to a $5 million decrease from the initially approved project budget, marking a significant success in the procurement process.

The Sewer Conveyance Project encompasses the construction of a new Courtenay Pump Station, retrofits to the K’ómoks First Nation and Town of Comox Pump Stations, and the installation new sewer forcemain inland, diverting it away from the foreshore to mitigate environmental risks.

Scheduled to commence in March 2024, construction is expected to span approximately 30 months. To prepare residents, businesses, and commuters for the upcoming disruptions during construction, the CVRD will host a series of public open houses and online webinars early in the new year. These events will be an opportunity to learn more about the project traffic management plan and comprehensive construction schedule. Watch for full details to be announced in January 2024 and follow the project online.