Proposed New System and Location


Planned Improvements to the System Include:

  1. Lake intake to access water found deeper in the lake.
  2. Raw water pump station near the intake.
  3. Raw water pipeline from pump station to the treatment plant.
  4. Water Treatment Plant including filtration and disinfection.
  5. Treated water pipeline from the plant to the water distribution system.

The new Water Treatment Plant will use filtration, ultra-violet treatment and chlorination to remove bacteria, parasites and viruses from the water and eliminate the need for turbidity-related boil water notices.

As an interim measure to reduce the number of boil water notices until the treatment plant is built, the CVRD installed temporary UV treatment at the existing chlorination facility which will be moved to the new plant once construction is complete. 

Where Will the New Water Treatment Plant be Located?

A 15.7-hectare parcel of land has been purchased for the construction of the new Water Treatment Plant. The property, located adjacent to 4787 Lake Trail Road, was acquired from Comox Timber Ltd. for $372,160. This particular parcel was identified as the preferred location for the Water Treatment Plant in 2016, primarily because the water distribution system could be fed by gravity from this site, eliminating several pump stations in the existing transmission system. For more information about this land purchase please read our news release.

What Will the New Water Treatment Plant Look Like?

In July 2019, AECON Water Infrastructure Inc was selected as the Preferred Proponent for the design-build. The final detailed design of the water treatment plant, including system design requirements and architectural design, will be complete in 2019 before construction starts towards the end of the year.

The rendering below demonstrates how the water treatment plant could look post construction. 


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Background Documents

For more information about the Comox Valley Water Treatment Project please see the following documents: