About the Royston and Union Bay Sewer Extension Project

Wastewater management has been a regular topic for Royston and Union Bay over the years. Since a failed referendum on the south sewer project in 2016, there has been ongoing work to find a wastewater solution that protects the natural environment and provides a cost effective solution for residents. The area has been identified as a priority for a centralized collection and treatment system because of the high density of homes, high water tables, poor soil conditions, aging onsite treatment systems and anticipated growth in the area.

In early 2020, the Comox Valley Sewage Commission agreed to receive wastewater from the area – opening the door to a collaborative waste management solution for the region. The decision means that Royston and Union Bay now have the option of connecting into the Courtenay/Comox system. Wastewater would be treated at the CVRD’s sewage treatment plant and discharged via the existing outfall at Cape Lazo, eliminating the need for a separate treatment plant in the south.

What's Happening Now?

An extension of sewer service into Royston and Union Bay is in the early stages of assessment. The CVRD is currently:

  • Undertaking further assessment and technical evaluation including further review of potential costs.
  • In discussion with the K’ómoks First Nation and Union Bay Estates.
  • Pursuing grant opportunities.

While further outreach was proposed for the fall of 2020, that timing has been revised as the CVRD awaits further information about grant opportunities. It is expected the next update will be available in fall 2021.

Public Engagement

We understand that this is an important topic for many in the community and there will be no decisions made about moving forward without further consultation with residents and property owners. A public engagement strategy is under development and more information about next steps will be communicated in fall 2021.

Staying Informed

More information should be available in fall 2021. Updates will be shared with the community on this webpage and via newsletters.

May 2020
*Please note, timelines for next steps have been updated since this newsletter was distributed. The CVRD expects to provide its next update in fall 2021.


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