The Watutco water system is a small, privately owned and operated water supply and distribution system. The system serves 130 residential properties and two commercial operations. The CVRD has been working closely with Watutco in the development of options moving forward.

An open house will be scheduled shortly, and a newsletter providing background information and the information on an open house will be mailed to local residents.

A brief description of options available for Watutco residents is provided below.

Upgrade Options:

The Drinking Water Treatment Objectives (Microbiological) for Surface Water Supplies in British Columbia outlines the drinking water treatment requirements necessary for surface water supplies, such as Watutco. The Watutco system is currently not in compliance with the drinking water treatment objectives. Compliance is expensive and mandatory. 

Two options exist for the Watutco system to become compliant. 

  1. The Watutco water system remains a private water system and completes the necessary water treatment upgrades to become compliant. 
  2. The Watutco water system joins the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) Black Creek-Oyster Bay (BCOB) water local service area, which is already compliant. System modifications will still be required for the connection of the two water systems. 

Cost Impacts

Each of the two options have cost impacts to Watutco residents. Costs are still estimates at this time and the actual project costs will not be known until construction is complete. For either option homeowners will be required to pay their share of any outstanding costs of the system modifications and water meter installations.

For the CVRD option, assent from Watutco property owners is necessary and the CVRD Board has committed to allocate $451,000 of community work grant funds for the system modification costs to significantly reduce the cost burden on residents.

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