The Watutco Water System is a privately owned water system located within CVRD Electoral Area C surrounded by the CVRD’s Black Creek/Oyster Bay (BCOB) Water Local Service Area (WLSA). The system requires a number of upgrades to be in compliance with the Island Health and the Drinking Water Treatment Objectives (Microbiological) for Surface Water Supplies. The owner of the Watutco Water System has formally requested to enter into negotiations with the CVRD regarding conversion of the system to a regional service.

In late 2018, the CVRD completed a feasibility study to gather more information on the system, assess capital upgrade requirements and review potential governance options. The two options for Watutco are: 

  1. Watutco remaining an independent private utility; or 
  2. Watutco joining the BCOB WLSA and becoming CVRD owned and operated service.

In November 2019, the BCOB services committe supported proceeding with a petition process for the conversion of Watutco to become part of the BCOB WLSA. Conversion of Watutco to the BCOB WLSA provides the least cost option to Watutco residents along with providing a number of benefits to each system. Outlined in the table below are the estimated capital costs and annual operating costs per connection.

Capital Cost Estimates for Watutco (Class 'D')
 Status QuoBecome Part of BCOB WLSA
Estimated One-Time Capital Cost Per Connection$11,046$10,720*
Estimated Annual Residential Operating Costs Per Connection$825**$540***
*For this option the CVRD would amortize payment of these one-time costs to reduce impact on users
**Estimated off the 2020 financial plan for Watutco and including an increase to operating costs to account for the increase costs associated with the installation ofa new water treatment plant
***Based off the average annual residential bill for BCOB customers, excludes any increases to rates that are expected as part of the asset management work currently being completed


Next steps:

  • January/February 2020: A second neighborhood information session will be completed presenting the cost per connection information for each viable option. More information on a date and time of the open house will be made available soon.
  • Winter/Spring 2020: An assent process to transition Watutco to CVRD service will be completed.

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