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Lazo Wildlife Park was created in 1999 after the property previously owned by Jack Clark – who farmed and raised cattle in the area – was sold to Ducks Unlimited and the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD). Ducks Unlimited then leased the property to the CVRD to manage as a park. The park is located in an area important to the Lazo Marsh drainage.


Lazo Wildlife Park boasts a small stream emerging from Lazo Marsh, which drains into a man-made pond at the rear of property, and a ditch that follows the north property boundary. Mature trees along the ridge include Douglas fir, Lodgepole pine, Western white pine and Western red cedar.


  • 976 Sand Pines Drive
  • Lazo North (Electoral Area B)

Lazo Wildlife Park Map

Park Etiquette

  • Pet leashing is mandatory, all year long